Zac Efron illness irony

Zac Efron was filming a new off-gid adventure series entitled “Killing Zac” when he was taken ill and nearly died, in a story that will

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A Survivalist’s Top Prepping Tips

Last month hordes of prepping enthusiasts and survivalists turned out for the Survival Expo in Richmond, Virginia. Vendors like Preparedness Essentials were present selling prepping  products

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Will Obamas stay Democrats

Obamas depart Necker haven

Barack and Michelle Obama left their relaxing 10 days off-grid vacation last Thursday. They headed back to Washington and will remain there until their daughter

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Doug and dog - Pumalín Park

RIP Doug Tompkins

By Aurora Herrera Can you imagine the founder of a multi-million-dollar company living off-grid? The man at the helm of the globally successful The North

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Dartmoor community eviction

  An off-grid community located in woodland within Dartmoor National Park, UK are faced with eviction after 15 years of living side by side with nature.

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Art in the desert

You can see many things in the desert, some see desolation, others see stark beauty, yet others take what they see and transform it into

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Abuso fuera de la red

La historia impactante de Tara Westover, que cuenta en su libro de memorias recientemente publicado ‘Educated’ arroja una sombra inmerecida sobre las familias fuera de

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Thomas Massie is a right wing libertarian

Off-Grid Congressman

Kentucky Congressman Thomas Massie lives off the grid with his family, on a cattle farm in a solar-powered home he built himself. He commutes to

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Jean’s Yurt

Another in our series of photos by Beth Bicknell. Jean’s yurt was possible one of the most cosy, exquisite structures Beth visited. A yurt she’s

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Bob’s Van

Bob is a blacksmith living in a van within wooded area owned by friends, just outside of a small village in Mid Wales. He’s lived

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Montana Music Man

Greg Grant, born in New York, has spent the last 21 years living in his self-built off-grid home in Montana. In this clip we interview

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Earthship project on CNN

The divisive figure of Mike Reynolds of Earthship Biotecture, has been in the press again, this time on CNN. His company built 15 off-grid cliff-top homes in

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off-grid in North Devon - animals make the money while you sleep

Off-Grid living on British TV

Channel 5, the smallest UK channel, is featuring a British off-grid family next month as part of a series which usually visits pioneers around the world. The show

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Stuck in for 3 days

Earlier this week, I only worked Monday and Tuesday, I had an unexpected “vacation” after that. On my way home Tuesday, I passed through a

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Escape to Crete - container living

Sold up and gone to Crete

Artist and carpenter Julienne Dolphin Wilding has recently sold her flat in Kings Cross and bought land in Crete. She shipped out all her possessions

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The Lilypad

The Lilypad, love the name, love the home, it’s one of the cutest tiny homes I’ve seen, I know I say that a lot, but

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Viggo Mortensen interview explaining his secret life off the grid

Backwoods past of Movie Star

Actor Viggo Mortensen recalls his favourite filming locations are “the outdoors and natural landscapes, so there are places in New Zealand, particularly the South Island

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Off-Grid Undertaker Don Byrne works on a hand-made pine coffin in his outdoor studio on a 32-acre homestead in Bear Creek, N.C. Byrne lives off the grid, with no electricity and running water. In the background is his son, Niko, 4. He builds the coffins with antique hand tools, selling them for about $875 to $1,000 to people who want a simple, ``green'' burial.

Off-Grid Undertaker

Anti-consumerist pioneer, Duke University grad, walks away from middle class life to live the simple life in a 12×12 cabin

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Modern technology, we have shunned much of it, but sometimes it’s a great thing to have around, the internet, FaceBook and the such, these things

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A solar bus home

I have a great love for small homes and portable homes, many of the DIY bus conversion homes are pretty good, but this one is

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Buying your own land

Buying land, it’s something you will be doing if you want to homestead or go off-grid on your own. Personally I wouldn’t want to “go

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Off-Grid guests

Moving to and setting up your off-grid home, it’s most likely in an out of the way, rural, scenic spot, a place that is often

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Living in a Fire Truck

Forester Simon Danant started living in his 1980s Bedford truck last summer. Its a former Army fire engine. He moves it around Cambridgeshire, living behind

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