Autonomous village for sale in Colombia

What we are offering…

A unique opportunity to acquire a ready-made Eco-Village / Community farm established over 20 years ago and planted with a variety of fruit trees, medicinal plants of all types; bushes, vines, trees etc.

This farm has been built as a community/Eco-village making it ideal for an eco-community project or as an eco-tourism investment.

It is situated on the edge of the famed “Mazico Colombiano” a scenic highland area where the River Magdalena has its source. This area is home to the internationally recognized World Heritage site of the Statues of San Agustin; hundreds of stone sculptures remains of a pre-Colombian indigenous civilization, on a par with places like Machu Pichu, Peru or Tiwanako in Bolivia, in terms of archeological significance.

The scenery is spectacular in this area with canyons, fast flowing rivers, mountain cloud forests and many more sites of interest for nature lovers.

Despite Colombia’s history of conflict and social unrest, which officially ended in 2015 with the signing of a peace deal between the government and the left-wing guerrillas, the area of San Agustin, Pitalito is peaceful with a vibrant rural economy. It is a center for Sugar Cane and Coffee production, with the coffee beans produced in the area highly recognized for their flavor and aroma.

Furthermore, San Agustin has one of the best local markets for a huge variety of agricultural products of all types from exotic tropical fruits to all kinds of vegetables, beans and grains. There is also a large variety of locally made arts & crafts

Know the area…

San Agustin – Ancestral Center

Photo Gallery

Eco-Village Photos


Access and Transport

The farm itself is situated on a pleasant hillside overlooking abundant coffee plantations. Access is via a secondary road about 2km from the main Pitalito – San Agustin road. The access road is not fully paved but is in a good state of repair and is being constantly improved due to the gestation of the local community.

The main Pitalito – San Agustin road is well serviced by public transport. From Pitalito it is a 10 hour bus journey to Bogota and 4 hours to Neiva the departmental capital.


Our farm is located at 1400 meters above sea level, in the foothills leading up to the Macizo Colombiano.  The climate is warm and tropical usually with a refreshing breeze thanks to its height.  The dry season is December to February, the wet season is May to July but in reality most of the time there is a good mix or rain and sun. Temperatures are on average between 18 and 22 °C in the day except when there is more rain when it gets cooler. Night-time temperatures rarely drop below 10 °C and often can be pleasantly warm without it ever being uncomfortable.


The community houses have all been self-built in a variety of …

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hydrogen powered winery CGI image

Off-Grid farms flourishing in UK – here are two examples

From cucumbers to bees to wine to sheep, there are scores of off-grid farming start-ups in Britain today.

In Kent, permission has been granted for the UK’s first hydrogen-powered winery. The lot is now up for sale for £525,000. If built on the four-and-a-half acre site, to the west of the village of Egerton, the winery would be a UK-first, according to the listing on LoopNet.

In 2019, planning permission was granted to build a modern winery, complete with warehouse, wine shop, tasting room and accommodation. Planning documents from 2019 say that the building, once completed, would be run by an eight-person team, growing to 11, with visitors attending the site occasionally. In 2022, the green light was given to install a specialist hydrogen facility that would power the site all year round – said to be the first of its kind for a winery in the UK.

It would consist of solar panels, steel hydrogen storage tanks and other equipment that would, according to planning documents, allow the facility to be off-grid. However, the site remains empty and has now been put on the market for purchase alongside the granted planning permission. At £525,000 – a price of around £116,000 per acre, the listing describes it as “a freehold development opportunity for an ‘off grid’ viticultural warehouse with additional retail space, storage rooms and offices which could create the perfect self-sufficient package in an area of Kent that is well suited for wine production”.

At the other end of the scale, simplicity is at the heart of the system at Maes Yr Onn, an 81 hectare (200 acre) unit in South Wales.

Breeding mountain sheep is something Arthur Davies has been involved in from a young age. The farm is completely off grid, with power mostly coming from solar panels and a generator for backup, while water supply relies on rain. No forage is made on the farm and Mr Davies does not keep a tractor, with any machinery work needed carried out by contractors.

The  focus is the flock of 180 South Wales Mountain ewes, kept alongside 10 Blue Grey calves that are bought in annually to help manage grassland.  “The main aim is breeding rams, that is what it is all about for me,” Mr Davies says.  “About a dozen are sold in Nelson in the autumn, with excess lambs now sold direct to an abattoir in Caerphilly for Halal.”

The first draw of lambs is taken at the end of June and then weekly when they are fit.” Ewe lambs which meet the breed standard are retained, with others sold at sales or privately in September. “Most of the breed used to be white all over, more like a Talybont Welsh. However, today they are known for their red collars and beards. ”

“They are 50 per cent kemp and 50 per cent wool, then if …

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Robert Breton in front of treehouse

Hawaii treehouse to escape ‘The Matrix’

Robert Breton left his home in California and moved to Hawaii to ‘escape the Matrix’

He bought a plot of land for $29,850 (£24,215) and built his own two-storey home over a period of two years. He also built a greenhouse and an outhouse.

The self-proclaimed Tarzan has quit his job to live in a treehouse in the jungle in order to “escape the matrix and get in touch with nature”.

Breton, 35, originally from California, moved to Hawaii and built a treehouse with his bare hands, revealing how he “achieved his dream” on TikTok and YouTube.  It’s situated just 5.5ft off the ground, is 20ft tall, 14ft by 14ft and features a functioning sink, mini fridge, shelves, a futon, and a loft that holds the “sleeping quarters”.

Breton uses two solar panels attached outside the house to provide electricity for all his tech, including his phone, his laptop and his TV.

He is also growing his own food and living entirely from rainwater, which he collects off the roof into a large 300-gallon tank, where it gets filtered and sent to faucets inside the home.

The greenhouse is where he grows his own fruits and vegetables, including green beans, broccoli, beets, lettuce, and carrots.

It means he rarely has to take the hour-long walk down to the nearest town to pick up grains and other supplements.

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The outhouse is where he has the bathroom, with a functioning sink, washer, toilet and shower — all using collected rainwater.

Breton makes money from a supplement company he founded along with his social media accounts which have gathered a big following.

He urges others to follow in his footsteps of living off the grid and quit their 9-5 jobs.

Viewers were quick to flock to the comments and share their desire to do the same, with one writing: “One day, that is gonna be me.”

A second quipped: “Beautiful and so peaceful. I hope that one day I will be like you”, while a third added: “Omg dude for real how much would it be to get a similar home to this!”

Others however slammed Breton for his off the grid lifestyle which contradicts his use of a phone and social media.

One wrote: “Not really taking a break from the matrix if you’re posting online about it are ya.”

A second added: “‘Off grid’ means no cellphones, my dude.”

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Converted Underground Bunker Near Austin – $425k

Salado, Texas – 11th March – – A partially underground bunker house has gone up for sale in a small town near Austin, for sale in Texas.

Any Texan will be quick to tell you that the weather in the Lone Star state can be somewhat chaotic — from temperatures rapidly dropping 40 degrees within a two-minute span to terrifying tornadoes that touch down from time to time. So it’s always a good idea to have a home that’s safe, secure, and — well — partially underground.

The two-bedroom, 2.5-bathroom house is on the real estate market in Salado for $425,000.

“Here’s an amazing one-of-a-kind partially submerged earth-type concrete OFF-GRID capable home on .939 acre with two private gated entrances,” the listing on Har.com says. “The property is incredibly picturesque, heavily wooded and partially sloped with a seasonal stream far below the home and views of a pond.”

According to the listing, the home was custom-built with “a southwestern vibe” thanks to the first owners’ love of Santa Fe in New Mexico.

There is a Huge kitchen,Attached garage, Water well, Two storage tanks, Three buried propane tanks, Two rainwater tanks, and a Generator

“Nestled in the beautiful and best part of Salado, this home was thoughtfully and artfully designed by antique dealers who liked to entertain and show off their furnishings,” HomeSmart agent Shirley Kopecky told the New York Post. “This house has all the bells and whistles and was outfitted — at great expense — for uncertain weather.”

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Easy Off-Grid Living in Panama (Central America)

Live off-grid in a community of 24 homes with like-minded, friendly people in a very safe, fun, beautiful setting.
You don’t need to be a hardcore mountain man or mountain woman. These are fully set up off-grid homes complete
with solar, water, sewage, and your own farming plot, and it’s absolutely beautiful.
We have One, Two, and Three Bedroom homes available starting at only $100,000 fully set up and ready to go.
Visit our website at www.offgridpanama.com or call us at (904)236-4737

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10 Acres in McNairy County TN

See the video for details about this property: https://vimeo.com/612685690
This 10-acre property is perfect for those who want maximum privacy without sacrificing convenience. The property is on a legal dirt road that is not used by any other property owners so you can live in freedom and isolation on a large property, but return to civilization by driving down a 1/3 mile road. Have you ever wanted a secret entrance onto your property? Well this is already set up with a gravel driveway at the highway that serves a neighbor down the hill. At the end of the driveway your dirt road continues but the terrain has it hidden by a small downslope. You can make this your own and really hide the entrance to your secret compound! See the video on this listing that shows how that secret entrance looks. No permit is required to build and the property has flat and sloped areas so you have infinite options for your off-grid paradise. The lowest spot on the property is a small creek on the North West corner. 10 acres is a huge amount of land allowing you unlimited options to build, hunt, and explore.More info:

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Houseboat and land in UK – £0.5m

The price of the off-grid dream just went up.

In the wake of Covid, climate change and the stream of urban dwellers moving to the country, a tubmbledown shed, a houseboat and the land that connects them, have gone on the market for £500,000 with a bidding war expected. Its hardly surprising when tech workers on six figure salaries are told they can work from anywhere in the world. They move to places with a good 4G signal (which this property does not have) and then a few years later will be surprised when their job is exported to India.

It has its own water supply and power system and is completely off-grid, the product of years of hard work by current owner Roland Mann. He has spent years fitting out the boat, in order to sell it and move to Norway with his family.

Design genius

The 90 years old barge with a two-bed shed, on the banks of the River Deben, was built between the wars.

“We’ve spent lots of time learning different skills, we’ve designed and built our own power system, our own water purification plant, so we’re totally off-grid for everything, except the telephone of course,” Mr Mann explained. He wants to get a smallholding in Norway where is wife is from originally

He credits his wife as the “genius behind the land”, adding: “She’s got a real flair for design, she’s absolutely packed the garden out with an incredible diversity of plants.”

“One of the things people say when they come onto the land is ‘wow, this feels great’. It has a really amazing feel to it, it’s hard to describe.

“One of the things we’ve continuously felt is that we were sort of caretakers, that this wasn’t truly our home.

The property is being advertised by Yopa, realtors.

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Off-Grid Manufactured Home on 40 Acres in Ash Fork, AZ

Spacious 1620 sqft, 3 bedrooms, 2 bath manufactured home sits on 40 rural acres with beautiful panoramic views. The home is equipped for your rural and true off-grid living with two 2500-gallon water tanks, eight 200-watt solar panels, 6000 peak watt inverter charger, solar mate, twelve batteries for solar, wood burning stove, wall mounted propane heaters and propane tank on site. Enjoy country living with star filled skies, beautiful sunrises & sunsets, and wildlife viewing. Outside you have several areas equipped for your animals and storage. This home is ready for your creativity and handy work for instant living. Motivated seller. $165,000. All reasonable offers considered. Contact Agent Ana Fano 928.707.1560 or check out more photos at: https://homesmart.com/real-estate-for-sale/hs0066/homes/az/ash-fork/86320/noaz/185355/47600-n-falcon-flight-way,ash-fork,az-86320/index.html?referrer_aid=126918.

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Public land sell-off halted till next Prez term

Public land owned by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) in the US is some of the most important for off-grid communities – including those who live in vans and RVs, but also for millions of ordinary Americans who depend on it for livelihood and outdoor activities.

Under President Trump there has been a permanent threat of a massive sell-off, but a Montana judge’s ruling has effectively removed the risk until after the November election, the New York Times reported.

The federal judge in Montana ordered William Perry Pendley, whose appointment was not confirmed by the Senate, to leave the position of BLM acting Director.

Mr. Pendley, who had held the job since he was “temporarily” appointed in July 2019, was also prohibited from using any authority to make decisions about federal lands. President Trump had nominated Mr. Pendley to fill the position on a permanent basis in July 2020 but withdrew the nomination this month.

“Pendley has served and continues to serve unlawfully as the Acting B.L.M. director,” the judge, Brian Morris of the U.S. District Court for the District of Montana, wrote in a 34-page ruling he issued on Friday.

Judge Morris added that Mr. Pendley’s ascent “did not follow any of the permissible paths set forth by the U.S. Constitution.”

The ruling also prevented Interior Secretary David Bernhardt, who appointed Mr. Pendley, from picking another person to run the bureau.

Gov. Steve Bullock of Montana, who filed a lawsuit in July against Mr. Pendley and Mr. Bernhardt, called the ruling “a win for the Constitution, the rule of law, and our public lands.” Former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr., the Democratic nominee for president, cheered the decision on Saturday, National Public Lands Day.

The ruling was a significant victory for Mr. Bullock, a former presidential candidate who is running for the United States Senate in a tight race against Steve Daines, the Republican incumbent.

The Bureau of Land Management has been without a Senate-confirmed director since Neil Kornze left in January 2017. Since then, five people have been appointed to the position — and none received Senate approval.

Conner Swanson, a spokesman for the Interior Department, said the ruling was “an outrageous decision that is well outside the bounds of the law.”

“It betrays longstanding practice of the department going back several administrations,” he said in an email. “We will be appealing this decision immediately.”

The department noted that under President Barack Obama’s leadership, Mary L. Kendall, the department’s former deputy inspector general, served as acting inspector general for years even though the Senate never confirmed her appointment. Ms. Kendall resigned in 2019, shortly after her office opened an investigation into ethical complaints about Mr. Bernhardt, a former lobbyist for the oil and agribusiness industries.

“The department is unaware of any Democrat voicing similar concerns related to this issue during

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The Black Farmer Backs Our Call for Land Access

Black Farmer Calls For Church, State And Private Land Owners To Make More Allotment Space Available For ‘Farming Lite’ – 45% Increase In Demand For Allotments Due To COVID-19 Accentuates 18 Month Backlog


THE BLACK FARMER, a Jamaican, born-again country gentleman, has backed our Landbuddy campaign for more renters to get access to small parcels of land where they can grow food, live or work off the grid.

There are an estimated 330,000 allotment plots today in Britain, but up to 500,000 individuals who want an allotment, and in the USA there is a similar shortage of spaces to grow food.

Rather than responsibility for allotment space purely being placed on local towns and counties, The Black Farmer, Wilfred Emmanuel-Jones MBE, says: “The Government, Ministry of Defence, Church of England all own vast swathes of land and could be doing a lot more to welcome people from diverse urban cultures – but particularly black people – into allotments and ultimately into the countryside.”   Overseas companies own 279,523 acres of land in the UK, but this is tiny compared to the tens of millions of acres of land available in the USA.  UK owned holdings in the USA are several million acres.

Emmanuel-Jones was appointed Member of the British Empire (MBE) in the 2020 New Year Honours for services to British farming.

Emmanuel-Jones says: “Tending to my father’s allotment in Birmingham, aged 11, I made a promise to myself that I’d own a farm one day. To me, that small green patch was an oasis and an opportunity to escape from the cramped two-up, two-down terraced house I shared with my family of 11. It took 30 years of hard graft.

“Gatekeepers of pastoral Britain have the power to make a difference and it’s time they were challenged to do so”.

Emmanuel-Jones believes central government should start seeing allotments as part of the answer to national food security and acknowledging the valuable role that they play in raising public health and well-being.

The National Allotment Society recommends that local authorities provide 20 plots per 1000 households. For 20 years, the NSALG has been promoting National Allotments Week (10th – 16th August 2020).

The National Allotment Society (NAS) is the leading national organisation upholding the interests and rights of the allotment community across the UK. His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales is Patron of the Society. The Prince is an avid gardener himself and advocate of green issues, he is also keen to promote and protect the UK’s enduring traditions.

Emannuel-Jones set up a marketing agency in London, specialising in food brands, including Lloyd Grossman, Kettle Chips and Plymouth Gin.
He is married and the couple have a son and a daughter. He has an adult son from his first marriage.

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Covid boosts price of private islands

There are dozens of islands for sale in Scotland, Wales and Ireland.  The pandemic has seen inquiries  triple.  If you are a buyer, don’t wait around.

And you don’t need to be a billionaire, or even a millionaire. Islands in Scotland can be snapped up for a fraction of the price of a one-bed apartment in LA, New York or London.

Readers who know of any islands for rent, anywhere in the world,  please contact info@landbuddy.com

Even in the Atlantic, island buying is an international game. Dominic Daly, an Irish island broker, said inquiries for islands in the last three months are 200pc up on 2019 levels, with extra interest from Ireland, Germany, Russia and the United States. Though for now, many viewings are constrained by travel restrictions. “The first thing with buying an island, you have to pay for the boat to go out to facilitate the viewing,” said Mr Daly. Buyers can have to fork out €100 (£90) per visit.

I want to be alone

At first it was celebrities who dreamed of island life – a place where  they would not be asked for selfies. In 2009, the magician Uri Geller bought Lamb Island in the Firth of Forth near Edinburgh for £30,000. It is one of three volcanic outcrops said to mirror the layout of the Pyramids of Giza.

He was preceded in the Nineties by the British actor Jeremy Irons (voice of Scar in The Lion King), who bought an island in Roaringwater Bay in Ireland ( near the island pictured), and restored an abandoned 15th century castle built by a clan chieftain.

Survivalist Bear Grylls owns St Tudwal West, Gwynedd, Wales, where in 2013 he caused controversy with local planning authorities after installing a giant slide down the cliff side into the sea.

But private island agents view the recent uptick in interest with a heavy dose of scepticism. There is a bigger gulf between interest and sales in the island market.

Some prospectors are simply dreamers, said Mr Vladi. “People always say ‘dear Mr Vladi, do you have an island where I can be king and it is independent of government?’”

Cameron Ewer, of Savills estate agents, said: “Quite often the question is ‘if I buy this island, does it come with a title?’”

Tom Stewart-Moore of Knight Frank estate agents, said past requests from island buyers have included grounds for keeping llamas, and planning permission to build 25 houses to move a buyer’s entire extended family to an island.

Mega price range

Owning an island sounds glitzy but the scale of glamour is a big one. In January, Savills sold the 14-acre Creinch Island in Loch Lomond – namesake of the 5th hole at Loch Lomond Golf Club – for £90,000, said Mr Ewer.

It sounds like a steal, but owning Creinch is not plain sailing. There is no residence, no running …

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