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Off-Grid reports on the people, technologies, events and influences throughout the global off-grid community. The Landbuddy section helps you find others to go off-grid with and the free classifieds are full of ads for off the grid real estate as well as personals and jobs. We have the best lonely hearts colimns in the off-grid world.

The Off-Grid101 section is packed with basic information from the right kind of solar cooker to how to gather rainwater.

With daily news stories and a busy forum, www.off-grid.net is an indispensible part of daily routine for many off-gridders.

The brainchild of author and campaigner Nick Rosen, the site now has 75,000 visitors a month, mainly from the US and UK, and continues to expand.

Off-Grid.net is an eclectic mix of practical advice, news from the on-grid world and issues rarely covered by the mainstream media.  It promotes the many enterprises that are working for a sustainable future. It campaigns on issues affecting people who live or work off-grid, including zoning/planning permission where we are calling for changes to allow people to receive special permission to set up off-grid homes in places which do not currently have residential permission.

We want to see large-scale off-grid developments in towns and in the countryside, so that the hundreds of thousands who would like to live this way are free to do so.

The UK edition of the book “How to Live Off-Grid” is published by Bantam. In the US, Nick Rosen’s book “OFF THE GRID – Inside the Movement for More Space, Less Government and True Independence in Modern America” brought the off-grid lifestyle to national attention.

The site flourishes thanks to the support of its loyal readers in the form of advertising and retail sales. We encourage you to join in the forum, and post comments about specific stories.

Donations are welcome from individuals and organisations who wish to provide greater support for our work and can be made online through PayPal to nick@off-grid.net.

You can also email us this way, Skype ID is offgridnick or phone +44 7971543703

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