Editorial Review Policy

  1. Articles – All articles can either be submitted by email, or uploaded onto the site once you have registered and applied by email for an enhanced status. Email news@off-grid.net. Once submitted they will be reviewed by our staff and you will receive a response within 48 hours.
  2. Pictures – Maximum size 40k – to be emailed to news@off-grid.net
  3. Comments – We welcome comments and all comments are moderated – you do NOT  need to register to leave a comment
  4. Forum postings – We welcome forum postings either into our general forum or the technical discussion group.  Forum postings are unmoderated, but we do police the site on a daily basis.

For any questions or comments on this policy please email news@off-grid.net

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  1. I don’t have a website, the above is my YouTube channel. I have just finished transforming my shed into an usual off-grid church in the middle of a council estate. My aim is to be off-grid during the day when everyone else is out and back in the family home when they are in. I’ve also made an attempt at starting a edible food garden. The YouTube channel Medlar Cottage Urban Dreaming has lots of info about this.

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