COP 28, lost whatever remained of its credibility today, after revelations this year’s Convenor of the annual Net Zero negotiations told his audience that the target of limiting global warming to a specific target of 1.5 degrees was “not justified by the science.”

This statement, delivered at a fringe meeting on November 11th, was quite a dramatic departure from the script, and will cause huge loss of confidence in all current climate goals and affect the preparations being made by government and corporates.

CoP President A Jaber, who is also head of the UAE state oil company, is emblematic of the way regular COP meetings have been transformed into a Woodstock for green energy capitalists in genera and the oil industry in particular. There are up to 30,000 lobbyists now attending the event, plus tens of thousands of journalists politicians and civil servants. All networking and talking up their own green initiatives, perspectives and plans.

It was Cop 26 that first turned the whole show into the Green Davos. Held in November 2021 under the patronage of the UK’s Boris Johnson, who wanted it to be the perfect meeting of minds between venture capitalists, government and lobbyists, it was the first time that the oil industry lobbyist outnumbered other corporates.

And Al Jaber is correct that Prof Nordhaus, who won the Nobel Prize in 2018 for assessing the costs and benefits of action on climate change, recently concluded that the optimum target for the world to aim for is not 1.5C above pre-industrial levels, but nearer to 3C, which means there may be scope to delay the net zero target beyond 2050.

Other leading scientists on the IPCC – the United Nations own panel of climate experts, agree that  the impact of climate change on the economy: “will be small relative to the impacts of other drivers. Changes in population, age, income, technology, relative prices, lifestyle, regulation, governance, and many other aspects of socio-economic development will have an impact on the supply and demand of economic goods and services that is large relative to the impact of climate change.”

There is a now a hope among the fossil fuel lobby that it may be able to seize control of the agenda.  Meanwhile John Kerry, the USA’s chief climate negotiator, commenting on Al Jaber’s statement,  said he was not there and could not comment on the words used, but assured listeners that the final statement would settle doubts about the continued commitment of the COP process to end fossil fuels.





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What’s going on with COP28

Pros and Cons of the COP28 Decision to Remove Fossil Fuel Phase-Out:


  1. Economic Considerations: Supporters argue that an immediate phase-out of fossil fuels could have significant economic consequences, particularly for nations heavily reliant on these resources. Removing the explicit mention of a phase-out allows for a more gradual transition, potentially minimizing economic disruptions.

  2. Energy Access and Affordability: Some proponents believe that a complete phase-out may hinder access to affordable energy, especially in regions with developing renewable energy infrastructure. They argue that a more gradual approach would allow for a just transition, considering the needs of vulnerable communities.

  3. Technological Challenges: Transitioning to renewable energy sources globally requires significant technological advancements and infrastructure development. Advocates for the decision argue that allowing for a more gradual phase-down approach would provide additional time for innovation and smoother implementation.

  4. International Collaboration:The decision-making process at COP28 involved negotiations among numerous countries with diverse interests and priorities. Supporters emphasize the importance of balancing the perspectives of nations and fostering global collaboration for effective climate action.


  1. Environmental Concerns: Critics argue that removing the explicit mention of a fossil fuel phase-out undermines the urgency to address climate change. Believing that a more ambitious and immediate transition away from fossil fuels is necessary to mitigate the impacts of global warming.

  2. Scientific Consensus: Some experts express concern over the lack of alignment between Arguingon and scientific recommendations. Arguing that phasing out fossil fuels is essential to limit global warming to the desired 1.5-degree Celsius target.

  3. Industry Influence: Critics raise concerns about the influence of fossil fuel industries on the decision-making process. They argue that the removal of the phase-out may be influenced by the interests of these industries, potentially hindering progress towards a sustainable future.

  4. Equity and Justice: Skeptics argue that the decision to remove the fossil fuel phase-out may disproportionately impact vulnerable communities and exacerbate social inequalities. They emphasize the need for a just and equitable transition that considers the rights and well-being of all individuals.

It’s important to note that these pros and cons reflect different perspectives  and opinions surrounding the COP28 decision. Understanding and considering multiple viewpoints can contribute to a more comprehensive understanding of the issue at hand.

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Earthshot Nominations announced at “Summit” sponsored by Bloomberg

Two British companies have been named among 15 nominees for the 2023 Earthshot “Green Oscars.” Just five of the finalists will get £1m each for their solutions to  some of the earth’s most intractable environmental problems.

The stand-out nominee is Enso is a car tire manufacturer with a revolutionary product. There are 1.5 Billion vehicles on the planet  – all running on tires which give out thousands of tiny particles, so small they are lodged in the lungs of humans and animals.

While major producers, including Goodyear (GT.O), Bridgestone (5108.T), Michelin (MICP.PA) and Continental (CONG.DE), are trying to fend off competition from cheaper Chinese rivals, Enso has pioneered a tyre which is not made from fossil products, and  has none of the  toxicity of normal tyres, which on average contain about 200 components and chemicals, often derived from crude oil.

This year, California is expected to be the first authority to demand tyre-makers demonstrate they are seeking an alternative to 6PPD – a degraded form of which is lethal to some fish and has been found in human urine in South China.

The European Union’s upcoming Euro 7 emission regulations will set standards for tyres for the first time.  “It’s not quite a perfect storm,” said Gunnlaugur “G” Erlendsson, CEO of UK-based startup Enso, which has developed more durable tyres specifically for heavy EVs, which Michelin and Goodyear have reported can wear out tyres up to 50% faster.

“The unintended consequence of electric cars is we’ll have more tyre pollution unless we have better tyres,” said Enso’s Erlendsson, whose tyres, in testing emit 35% less than premium EV tyres from major manufacturers. But that still makes them reponsible for hundreds of deaths per week worldwide.

Bridgestone and Goodyear declined to discuss the industry’s emissions challenges.

But Michelin, Continental and Pirelli (PIRC.MI) told Reuters they are pursuing alternatives to 6PPD, with Michelin and Continental adding collective industry action may be necessary to find solutions.

Asked about Euro 7 regulations, Michelin said it wants worldwide standards to squeeze the higher emitting tyres, which are usually cheaper, out of the market. Continental advocates a global abrasion standard with transparent labelling for consumers.

Nick Molden, CEO of British-based testing specialist Emissions Analytics, said the “dirty end” of the list of tyres the company has tested are “cheap Chinese imports” common in the European market.

The Chinese makers of Rockblade, Mazzini and Ovation – among the worst-performing tyre brands on Molden’s list – did not respond to requests for comment.

Data provided to Reuters by Emissions Analytics shows new tyres from the large makers developed so far are unlikely to solve the problem.

For example, while tests carried out on Continental bicycle tyres made using dandelions show a 24.5% drop in carcinogenic aromatics – which help cars hug the road – the chemicals in the particles they emit are similarly toxic overall, …

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off grid showhome under construction in 2021

Welcome To Our Showhome – Open Day 27th August

The off-grid showhome started as a lockdown project – a spur of the moment bid for some land in an online auction in 2020.

Now it is a full -fledged reality and our next open weekend is August 27th 2023 – we welcome local residents who want to see what is happening , and also anyone who  is considering a similar project and needs advice on how to build.  Contact news@off-grid.net for more info – You can also watch the youtube film which shows the building process. Go to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=95qqnOWnfk4.

In years to come, the wood will benefit the environment in many ways, and also benefit the local community.  After all – they helped to plant it after we put out a call on Facebook seeking volunteers. They will use the shed to make tea and shelter from adverse conditions.

Three local scythers turned up in a 1950s LandRover. They looked like the Detectorists from the BBC series starring Toby Jones, except that instead of metal detectors they had long handled Austrian scythes which they honed frequently, as they slowly scythed their way through bracken and overgrown grass without disturbing the earth beneath, saving all sorts of tiny wildlife from abrupt eviction.

Each tree required a stake to be pounded in the ground, then a spade-slit for the tiny sapling itself.  The tree-guard slides over the tree and is fastened to the stake and presto – add ten years and you have a mature English woodland.

It was laborious process and by the end of the first day we had only scythed half the field and planted 150 trees.  Out of 500

We headed back up the track expecting to return a week later.  But then came another lockdown. The second day of planting never happened a year later.

Now the woodland is beginning to take shape, the shed is built and our neighbours have erected their shelters as well.

Please come and visit – and help plants some more trees.

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“Quantum Leap Needed” To Avoid Global Warming – Grid To Blame

UN secretary-general António Guterres says “a quantum leap in climate action is needed to meet the 1.5C limit set by scientists.
“The climate time-bomb is ticking,” and a new report was a “survival guide for humanity.”
The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), made up of the world’s leading climate scientists, set out the final part of its mammoth sixth assessment report on Monday.

Production and consumption of energy is known to cause 75% of the problem, but Utility companies and policiticians are still failing to take the neccessary action – drastically reduce energy use NOW.

The comprehensive review of human knowledge of the climate crisis took hundreds of scientists eight years to compile and runs to thousands of pages, but boiled down to one message: act now, or it will be too late.

“Our world needs climate action on all fronts: everything, everywhere, all at once,” said Gutteres, urging richer countries to significantly improve their net zero greenhouse gas emissions targets, and strive to achieve the goal by as close to 2040 as possible, rather than by 2050.

Global warming is “more likely than not” in the near-term to reach a 1.5C rise since pre-industrial times, the world’s top scientists said, and climate change already taking place will continue across the lifespan of three generations born in 1950, 1970 and 2020.

The summary report found the risks of warming were greater than was thought at the time of the last assessment in 2014. Some regions had already reached the “limits” of what they could adapt to.

But the report, signed off by governments worldwide, also concluded that humanity had the tools to curb and adapt to climate change, and a lack of political “commitment” was a key barrier to progress in what was a “rapidly closing window”.

The definitive report draws together six landmark scientific assessments published since 2018. It comes ahead of the UN COP28 climate summit to be held in the United Arab Emirates that will feature the so-called global stock take.

Carbon emissions continued to rise relentlessly last year but they must fall by almost half by 2030 for the world to have any hope of limiting global warming to 1.5C, previous IPCC reports have said.

The latest report included the year 2035 in its assessment in an effort to bridge previous warming timelines pegged to 2030 and 2050.

The sequence of devastating extreme weather events in the past year is expected to continue, including floods, fires and droughts that the scientists said would become more frequent and intense with every fraction of a degree of warming.

Researchers and policymakers signed off the report after a week of discussions, including a frantic 24 hours of final nonstop negotiations as government representatives from fossil fuel-producing nations clashed on issues including finance, carbon capture technology and fossil fuel subsidies.

Detlef van Vuuren, a report author from the Netherlands, …

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Progress on Disclosure only Success of COP27

As President Biden prepares to address Cop27, it is already clear that “the world’s last chance to conquer climate change” will end in failure.Newsflash: 1.5 degrees is dead and buried.

None of the largest emitters are sticking to pledges made at earlier meetings. China, Russia and India have not even sent their leaders. No wonder campaigner Greta Thunberg is boycotting COP27 – dismissing it as “Greenwash.”

Among an increasing clamour for advanced western economies countries to pay “reparations,” some of the world’s worst carbon emitters (China, Brazil) are hiding behind a smokescreen of historical confusion. At least 20 per cent of historical carbon emissions took place before the industrialisation of the advanced economics since 1850. China has been burning coal for millenia. It had a booming iron and coal industry through the Tang and Song dynasties. In the 11th Century it was burning several hundred thousand tonnes of coal annually. And if you include deforestation as well as fossil fuel in the calculations, Malaysian and Argentina are as much to blame as UK – or China, which is currently the world’s largest emitter and set to increase.

Meanwhile the world’s energy companies are using Cop as a set of useful idiots to push through their plans to receive over $100 TRILLION for decarbonising the world’s energy grids – i.e. paying them to clean up the mess they created in the first place. It would be the most spectacular example of greenwashing in history.

But one little-noticed factor does justify the whole COP process and stop me at least from dismissing it as a complete waste of time. The giant global project to quantify our emissions is gathering pace.
The EU is finalising disclosure rules for 50,000 companies in the 27-country bloc to report on environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors, as well as a company’s impact on the environment, known as double materiality. (https://www.reuters.com/business/cop/cop27-sustainable-standard-setters-close-regulatory-gap-2022-11-10/).

This initiative is a vital building block, and our last best chance to at least reduce the level of damage. Even though its too late to save 1.5, it is better than nothing.

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1.4 million Texas homes off-grid as power network buckles

More than half of energy-rich state’s total power generation capacity remains offline

The electric grid, which is designed to enable energy trading rather than protecting domestic consumers, has collapsed in Texas due to extreme winter weather.  The same thing could easily happen elsewhere in America.

Houston’s mayor Sylvester Turner, a Democrat, wrote on Twitter: “The city does not control the Texas power grid. We do not oversee Ercot which manages and serves as the traffic cop for the electric grid. That is the governor and the State of Texas.”

Hundreds of thousands of lives have been disrupted as energy prices spiked 100 times due to surging demand for heating in the extreme conditions. Many are reduced to melting snow to provide drinking water.

For residents of the Lone Star State, the problem stems from both a record spike in demand in a place that rarely gets this cold, as well as an unexpected drop in the supply of energy from natural gas, coal, wind, nuclear, and solar sources iced up by sleet and wind. This is coupled with the arcane power management setup in Texas – similar to other States.

Amid a backlash from angry Texans, Republican governor Greg Abbott called on the state’s legislature to investigate and reform Ercot. “The Electric Reliability Council of Texas has been anything but reliable over the past 48 hours,” Abbott said. While the Texas power grid has proven largely capable of handling demand peaks during the state’s sweltering summers, the electricity supply system has been crippled by some of the coldest weather the state has experienced in decades. Wholesale electricity prices have hovered around Ercot’s price cap of $9,000 a megawatt-hour for days because of the supply shortages, far above typical prices of about $25/MWh. That has the potential to put immense strain on energy suppliers forced to buy at the astronomical prices.

US natural gas prices surged as much as 10 per cent on Tuesday to about $3.15 a million British thermal units, its highest level since October. Prices at one Oklahoma pricing hub, where supplies were extremely tight, soared from about $3 an MBtu to almost $1,000 an MBtu. The freezing temperatures and sustained power outages have also disrupted the state’s oil industry, the largest in the country. Producers in Texas’s Permian oilfield, one of the world’s most prolific, face days of disruptions as pipelines and other equipment freeze up and icy road conditions delay repairs.

Though the number of customers in the dark had dropped by 25 percent in Texas on Tuesday, nearly 3.2 million customers remained without electricity early Tuesday evening, according to PowerOutage.us. That’s about 1 million customers fewer than at the peak of the blackouts, but still represents more than a quarter of the Lone Star State.

Meanwhile, about 11,000 customers were without power in Oklahoma, primarily around the Oklahoma City metro area, with 120,000 out

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HAB Land Ltd goes bust – Grand Designs presenter walks away

Kevin McCloud, presenter of Channel 4 TV’s Grand Designs series, fronted money-raising for an eco-property developer, and then resigned as a director 18 months before the company went bust this week.

The picture is still unclear because there is a web of interlocked shareholdings, but many small investors have lost money and McCloud and his colleagues are continuing to trade through different vehicles.

Both building projects in Oxford and Winchester are controlled by two subsidiary companies – HAB at Lovedon Fields Limited and Hab at The Acre Limited – neither of which are part of the proposed liquidation.

‘The directors of these entities continue to explore options to enable these developments to be completed,’ the spokesperson continued.

‘HAB Housing Limited is also unaffected by the liquidation proceedings.’

Mr McCloud is a significant shareholder in the HAB network of companies, remaining a director of HAB Housing and owning 20 per cent of HAB Land’s parent company, BAH Restructuring.

TV star and developer McCloud had already come under fire from a city councillor in Winchester where his project ran into difficulties almost a year ago, as community facilities promised as part of a development are yet to be completed.

That comes as investors in the Happiness Architecture Beauty (HAB) housing venture, launched by the Grand Designs host, voiced frustration at warnings they could lose up to 97% of their cash.

Happiness Architecture Beauty

HAB Land Limited was founded in 2014 to acquire development land for building projects at sites in Oxford and Winchester.

HAB Land Finance plc was subsequently incorporated as a wholly owned subsidiary of the company in 2016, in order to raise finance to fund the real estate activities of HAB Land through Mini Bond Instruments.

*** Did you invest in HAB Land, Hab Housing, or a related company? Do you live in a HAB development? Email news@off-grid.net, call 07971543703***

The first reports of the possible demise of the McCloud empire came from the Hampshire Chronicle, a local paper reporting on broken promises at the Lovedon Fields development in Kings Worthy seven months ago, and from local ward councillor Jackie Porter, cabinet member for built environment and wellbeing at Winchester City Council, who said works were going “very, very slowly,” and were “nowhere near finished.”

“We want to see this site completed. We chose it because it had great public facilities. The residents of Kings Worthy are being let down.

“[Mr McCloud] had good intentions but it was naive. This project was much more complicated than it was meant to be.”

The developer HAB Housing agreed – as part of the planning approval – its location in Eversley Park would double in size. The land would then be given to Kings Worthy Parish Council to protect it from future development.

Chaos in Winchester

The site, off Lovedon Lane in Kings Worthy, was given planning approval in September 2015, and …

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Extinction Rebellion founder says we must topple the political elites

The driving force behind Extinction Rebellion has said the group will shortly announce a co-ordinated global action in 40 countries.
“There is going to be a rebellion in America this Autumn,” Roger Hallam told us in an extended video interview from his new office in London, where he started work less than a week ago.

Hallam, co-founder of Extinction Rebellion, gave a one-hour interview explaining why XR was launched, talking about his own background and how XR will achieve its goal of zero carbon in ten years.
“As far as I’m concerned, the political class has to be removed from power,” he said as he sipped water and joked about the impact XR is having on the nations’ leaders. “At least they think they have to co-opt us,” he said.
“From the get-go you knew we were onto some major political explosion. Now we’re on the cusp. On Monday or Tuesday the UK is going to declare a rebellion episode…against the British government.”

The new rebellion will be another series of stoppages across major towns and cities. “We’re looking at broadly repeating what we did in April, but on a far bigger scale. This is big. This isn’t some XR hippie routine.”

Hallam said he already had support from Trade Unions, Gay groups, Christians and many other Eco-organisations and others.

Extinction Rebellion is well on the way to becoming a global phenomenon, now in 40 countries and expanding every day. Millions are pouring into their coffers, including from the band Radiohead and from tech millionaires as well as thousands of small contributions. Next week the central steering group will begin dispersing that money to the local groups worldwide. Living off-grid, and campaigning for others to do so, is just one way to make your contribution to the future security of the planet. Another way is to join the XR actions in your local area. In a long interview with Nick Rosen, editor of Off-Grid.net Hallam declared “the political class are gonna do everything apart from anything. As far as I am concerned they have to be removed from power.”

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El Cáñamo esta caliente

¡El cáñamo está caliente!

Va a ser un ajetreado 2018 para exposiciones y conferencias de Cannabis a nivel nacional e internacional. A continuación se muestra una lista actualizada de algunos de los eventos que tendrán lugar en 2018. En la sede fuera de la red, también hemos sido invitados a algunos eventos por debajo del radar y presentaremos informes a su debido tiempo.

Off-Grid.net reconoce que la industria del cáñamo fue el catalizador para la industria solar y el movimiento fuera de la red, y seguiremos cubriendo la industria en gran detalle. Por favor envíe cualquier información a nick@off-grid.net


Del 7 al 11 de marzo de 2018 – Expo West – Cumbre del CDB – Anaheim, CA
La Cumbre del CDB es su oportunidad de comprender mejor las oportunidades y desafíos que existen para el mercado de cannabidiol derivado del cáñamo en los Estados Unidos. Con una mejor comprensión de las cuestiones regulatorias, de suministro, científicas, de etiquetado, minoristas y normativas que rodean el mercado de CBD derivado del cáñamo, abandonará la Cumbre de CBD con nueva inteligencia para ayudarlo a informar sus próximos pasos como proveedor, fabricante o minorista de CBD productos.

6 de abril de 2018 – NoCo 3ra Cumbre Anual de Cáñamo – Loveland, CO
La NoCo Hemp Expo se enorgullece de ser la sede de la 3ª Cumbre Anual de Cáñamo, una importante reunión de ejecutivos, fundadores e inversores centrados en el cáñamo. Reciba una visión íntima e íntima de la industria del cáñamo durante esta red de nivel VIP y programación especial que incluye información centrada en el negocio, inteligencia de mercado y análisis de líderes e influyentes en la industria del cáñamo.

6-7 de abril, 2018 – NoCo 5th Hemp Expo Anual – Loveland, Colorado
Una reunión importante de ejecutivos, fundadores e inversores centrados en el cáñamo. Reciba una visión íntima e íntima de la industria del cáñamo durante esta red de nivel VIP y programación especial que incluye información centrada en el negocio, inteligencia de mercado y análisis de líderes e influyentes en la industria del cáñamo.

14 de abril de 2018 – PDX Hempfest Expo – Portland, Oregon
Un día completo de sesiones educativas con parlantes profesionales de cannabis para ponerlo al día sobre los rápidos cambios en la industria del cannabis. Una gran concentración de compradores de tecnología de la industria del cannabis estará presente.

14 de abril de 2018 – Convención del cáñamo de Oregon – Portland, Oregon
Un día completo de sesiones educativas con parlantes profesionales de cannabis para ponerlo al día sobre los rápidos cambios en la industria del cannabis. Una gran concentración de compradores de tecnología de la industria del cannabis estará presente.

9 al 11 de mayo de 2018 – MJBizCon 2018 – Nueva Orleans, LA
MJBizConNEXT se centra en el futuro cercano de la creciente industria del cannabis. …

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Girl at raves fire-spinning

Psy-che: Off-Grid Raves Outside Beirut

Camping is a popular outdoor activity in Lebanon, but not many would undertake it as a permanent lifestyle. Every now and then, a young and talented group comes together to create wonderful psychedelic raves for the Lebanese community. We travel to the mountains, deep in the forest, and far from civilization in order to set up these events.

Every event is at a different location. This reduces the risk of getting caught by the police which would result in closing down the party and paying a large fine. This event in the video was held in a small village located in-between mountains a two-hour drive from Beirut. Just on the outskirts of the village and deep into the mountains, there is a private landowner. He lives off-grid in a cabin house along with his wife and two kids and is of course quite shy and retiring so there are no photos of him. He was kind enough to allow the organizers to create the event on his land.

There is a grand exchange in experience. For them, it is a change in scenery and a real buzz to see all the strangers dancing to weird electronic music. For the party-goers, it is amazing to see how a family can fully function happily off-grid!

Organizers of the raves head to the location around midday and begin to set up the event. This includes installing generators, sound system, and lighting along with the DJ booth, dance floor and food stands. Ravers soon begin to arrive with their tents and light. preparing multiple bonfires. As soon as the sun sets, the incredible two-day rave begins. From LED hula-hoops to fire-spinning, talented young ravers give spectacular performances that highlight the event. Dancing till sunrise and continuing to the next day is embedded in the system of a Lebanese raver. Although there is not much sleeping involved, people do bring their pillows and mattresses and keep them in their cars. Being an animal friendly environment, dogs also have their share in enjoying the rave!

With breathtaking nature reserves and astonishing views, Lebanon has many great places to live off-grid. However, not many go for the option. Perhaps because Lebanon is a third-world country, luxury is a big factor in the thinking of a Lebanese citizen. So it is mainly foreigners who live off-grid.

Watch the video here: https://ow.ly/6Tu730gpZ0j

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