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Girl at rave fire-spinning
No central heating required

Camping is a popular outdoor activity in Lebanon, but not many would undertake it as a permanent lifestyle. Every now and then, a young and talented group comes together to create wonderful psychedelic raves for the Lebanese community. We travel to the mountains, deep in the forest, and far from civilization in order to set up these events.

Every event is at a different location. This reduces the risk of getting caught by the police which would result in closing down the party and paying a large fine. This event in the video was held in a small village located in-between mountains a two-hour drive from Beirut. Just on the outskirts of the village and deep into the mountains, there is a private landowner. He lives off-grid in a cabin house along with his wife and two kids and is of course quite shy and retiring so there are no photos of him. He was kind enough to allow the organizers to create the event on his land.

There is a grand exchange in experience. For them, it is a change in scenery and a real buzz to see all the strangers dancing to weird electronic music. For the party-goers, it is amazing to see how a family can fully function happily off-grid!

Organizers of the raves head to the location around midday and begin to set up the event. This includes installing generators, sound system, and lighting along with the DJ booth, dance floor and food stands. Ravers soon begin to arrive with their tents and light. preparing multiple bonfires. As soon as the sun sets, the incredible two-day rave begins. From LED hula-hoops to fire-spinning, talented young ravers give spectacular performances that highlight the event. Dancing till sunrise and continuing to the next day is embedded in the system of a Lebanese raver. Although there is not much sleeping involved, people do bring their pillows and mattresses and keep them in their cars. Being an animal friendly environment, dogs also have their share in enjoying the rave!

With breathtaking nature reserves and astonishing views, Lebanon has many great places to live off-grid. However, not many go for the option. Perhaps because Lebanon is a third-world country, luxury is a big factor in the thinking of a Lebanese citizen. So it is mainly foreigners who live off-grid.

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