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See the video for details about this property: https://vimeo.com/612685690
This 10-acre property is perfect for those who want maximum privacy without sacrificing convenience. The property is on a legal dirt road that is not used by any other property owners so you can live in freedom and isolation on a large property, but return to civilization by driving down a 1/3 mile road. Have you ever wanted a secret entrance onto your property? Well this is already set up with a gravel driveway at the highway that serves a neighbor down the hill. At the end of the driveway your dirt road continues but the terrain has it hidden by a small downslope. You can make this your own and really hide the entrance to your secret compound! See the video on this listing that shows how that secret entrance looks. No permit is required to build and the property has flat and sloped areas so you have infinite options for your off-grid paradise. The lowest spot on the property is a small creek on the North West corner. 10 acres is a huge amount of land allowing you unlimited options to build, hunt, and explore.More info:

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