Campaigner moves to tiny home

 Rob Greenfield from San Diego purchases 'house' measuring 5ft by 10ft
Can it get any smaller?
* Rob Greenfield from San Diego purchases ‘house’ measuring 5ft by 10ft

* The environmental activist will live in the 50sq foot box for the next year

* 28-year-old moves out of £1,000-a-month flat and paid £625 for new home

* Plans to avoid modern trappings including internet and will go without a plumbed toilet

Rob Greenfield, from San Diego in California has moved off-grid into what might be the world’s smallest mobile home in a bid to save money.

the ‘house’ measures just 50 sq foot and Rob will live in the tiny box for the next 12 months.

As well as saving on money and rent, the 28-year-old is keen to avoid to trappings of modern life such as the internet, driving or even a plumbed toilet.

The environmental activist is set to move into the tiny 5ft by 10ft house as soon as he can find a permanent pitch for it.

He has moved out of his $1600 (£1055) a month, three-bedroom apartment and taken up residence in his new home which cost him just $950 (£626).

He is looking for a place where he will be able to place solar panels, collect rainwater and build a compost pit in order to live in the mobile home long-term.

Rob will offer food from his planned vegetable patch and provide handyman services in exchange for parking his home in people’s gardens – and is even planning to offer tours of the tiny box.

He said: ‘I want to live simply and cheaply and be as self-sufficient as possible.

‘And I want to show other people that you can live a happy and fulfilled life by being Earth-friendly, not just by consuming the planet’s resources.

‘I’ll be giving tours and inviting people in to see what it is like practically to have very few belongings.

‘I have a desire to live simply, and having a tiny home forces you to do that.

‘Most of my living will be done outside – I want to demonstrate the way the Earth provides for us.

‘The inside will be kitted out with a basic rocket stove, a bed and a place to read.

‘And I can’t wait to settle me and my tiny home in a new permanent space.’

Writing on his website, he added: ‘The idea is that I want to be of service and benefit to the person who gives a place for my tiny home.

‘I want to make your life more enjoyable if you can host my tiny home.

‘Besides growing my own food I’ll be harvesting food from the neighbourhood and will get you lots of fresh fruit!

‘I am going to be living 100% off the grid so I will not need to use your home at all.

‘I won’t even use the toilet, garbage can, or the internet so you can see as little or as much of me as you’d like really.

‘I also don’t have a car, just my bike so I won’t take up parking.’

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  1. Hi to all….. Bunnell , Florida 32110 if this appeals to you and you have questions contact me …. ….. currently working on my 88 sq ft “home” have 10 acres wooded and cleared property ….. surrounded by vacant timberland for a life time supply of harvesting dead trees and branches for heating , cooking , wood gas for the generator and biochair for the garden ……. don’t prethink this off-grid move …… just do it !

  2. How is everything going? I just saw your ad. It was an interesting read. Was wondering how everything is working out for you. The house is a bit small, but I have been toying with this same idea. I have a little money and have been looking for a piece of land to put a small cabin ot trapper shack and live simply and efficiently without being connected to the grid. I hope everything works out for you and you get out of it EVERYTHING you dream of

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