January 18, 2015

Motely Fool says its time to make money from off-grid energy

Motley Fool says bet on off-grid energy

Investor’s tip sheet, The Motley Fool – advises readers to “Keep an eye on [the off-gird] space, you might be “cutting the cord” sooner than you think. Which could turn the power industry on its head.”

There’s something going on in Kwigillingok, Alaska, says the Fool, It runs a microgrid, defined as a small closed power system that can operate independently, or in conjunction with, the larger power grid. Such small systems could be the future of power.

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Flower pot heater, does it work?

flower pot heater

The last couple of winters have been very hard for those of us living in the USA, the so called “polar vortexes” have come down from above, of course when I was growing up, these were referred to as a cold front, I suppose now they have to make it sound more newsworthy… at any rate, the winters are cold cold cold, many rely on grid power to keep their homes warm, even those who have natural gas, their heating units still rely on electricity to run and circulate the heat. It’s always a good idea to have at least one alternative means of heating your home should the power go out, ideally you should have multiple backup means of heating your home, or at least one room to get you through in the worst case scenario.

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Mobile Nuclear inevitable

Mobile nuclear power generators could become a viable energy source in the future.

Earlier this week Mississauga, Canada-based Terrestrial Energy signed a collaboration agreement with Oak Ridge National Laboratory, which successfully ran a 7.4MW molten salt reactor experiment from 1965 to 1969 in the US.
Terrestrial Energy plans to advance the molten salt reactor to the engineering blueprint stage by late 2016.

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Rob Greenfield from San Diego purchases 'house' measuring 5ft by 10ft

Campaigner moves to tiny home

* Rob Greenfield from San Diego purchases ‘house’ measuring 5ft by 10ft

* The environmental activist will live in the 50sq foot box for the next year

* 28-year-old moves out of £1,000-a-month flat and paid £625 for new home

* Plans to avoid modern trappings including internet and will go without a plumbed toilet

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