Living in a shed? Why not?

Food, water and shelter are 3 of the main requirements to live, today we will talk about shelter, your home. Many of us don’t have the finances to buy a house outright, personally I wouldn’t recommend getting a mortgage for a home, that is major debt. So if you want your own home, what are some other options? One option is to buy a shed or workshop type building and finish it out as a home.

Here are some great videos about folk who have done this. The first one is more of a possibility, the second one is the reality of living in a tiny space. Enjoy!

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  1. I’m retiring soon (age 55) and plan on buying land in Northern Ontario Canada or the east coast of Canada. My government at all levels, hates off the grid living and does everything (with laws) that prent it. Unlike the US, we also have laws that just hate gun owners and thats a problem for self sufficiancy. Canadians don’t have the right to bear arms or even use guns for self defence, only our police and military have that right. As for sheds, this is the direction i’m going in at least for the beginning. A shed kit from a local hardware store and some insulation sould make a comfortable sheter. It will take me a few years to build (illegally) a proper logged cabin with the resources on my property, but for now, a 10×12 or larger shed is plenty of room even in the winter. My spouse and i are both retired military so we are used to living it rough. As for cabin size, the less room to heat the better. I’m at least lucky in that we both have a work pension that we can count on to suppliment my needs unlike others that have to find cash for outside world needs. The small shed is great for living in, but there are probles with this kind of living in Canada. One needs a “legal” address, unregested (off-grid)homes and postal boxes, unlike in the US, don’t count as “legal” address here. In order to register my vehicle, vehicle insurance, bank account, get my pension, and even get health coverage in Canada, one has to have a “legal” address. We rent a room at my daughters address, hundreds of miles away, or like i mentioned above, we can’t “legally” use services in Canada. And the Americans thaught they were loosing rights. We in Canada don’t have these freedoms to loose.

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