Four Gay years travelling to every US national park

Meet Mikah Meyer, the youngest person to visit all U.S parks
Mikah Meyer, youngest person to visit all U.S parks


Whatever thoughts you had about turning 30, I bet they didn’t make you leave your job, pack your bags and spend 4 years living in your van. Well, it did if you were Mikah.

In 2005, his dad passed away after a battle with cancer, and Mikah, aged 19 took a road trip- supposedly a fun, post-freshman year getaway. It quickly turned into an unforgettable experience of self-reflection and independence. Now he has visited very national park in one trip as a tribute to his Dad and to the USA’s amazing LGBT peoples.

On the 11th anniversary of his fathers’ death Mikah, originally from Nebraska, made the choice to dedicate his dad’s love of driving and travel to each and every national park in the United States. This double world record trip will not only make him the youngest person to experience every unit, but the sole person to do so on one continuous trip.

Snapshop of Mikah's travels
                    Snapshot of Mikah’s travels

Mikah has dedicated the trip not only to the memory of his father but also for youth diversity and says he wants to use his trip to “connect with youngsters, along with an LGBT community stereotyped outside the parks, and show how the national parks can be part of their lives.”

“Whether it was Yellowstone, Arches, or The Statue of Liberty I wanted to see all the U.S. national parks.” He said.

You can keep up with his journey by following his interactive map or following his Facebook page for updates.

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