America’s Fugitive Family star on UK TV

The Grays - Armed and Dangerous - to star on TV
Grandchildren – innocent victims
In another portrayal of off-gridders as Raving Monsters, British Channel 4 has secured access to controversial American family The Grays, who have spent the last 14 years living off-grid in a heavily armed compound in Texas.

The 60-minute doc includes exclusive access to the family, who live outside Gun Barrel City in Texas, and was filmed over several months.

The broadcaster has commissioned one-off doc America’s Fugitive Family from Firecracker Films.

The Grays made headlines in 1999 when family patriarch John Joe Gray was arrested on Christmas Eve after an altercation with police.

When he was released he refused to give up his guns, breaking his bail conditions, and retreated to his compound with his extended family. He said that any attempts to arrest him would be met with armed resistance and the local sheriff decided not to enter the compound.

In the subsequent years, the family have been ready for a siege. The 47-acre property has no mains electricity, plumbing or telephone and water is sourced from a local natural spring. The family hunt and farm to survive and contact with the outside world has been limited.

America’s Fugitive Family was commissioned by Ian Dunkley, commissioning editor of factual entertainment, exec produced by Tom Barry and Jes Wilkins, directed by Mark Soldinger and Alex Stockley von Statzer.

It will air later this year.

“The Grays are a completely fascinating case of a family taking things to the ultimate extreme for what they believe in. The resulting film offers viewers a chance to observe their extraordinary life, and see what it really means to exist outside modern society,” said Dunkley.

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