Zac Efron illness irony

Zac Efron was filming a new off-gid adventure series entitled “Killing Zac” when he was taken ill and nearly died, in a story that will be useful publicity for the upcoming series.The High School Musical star is now said to have been given the ‘all clear’.

Efron was rushed to hospital, flown to Australia from Papua New Guinea by a medical evacuation crew after battling a ‘form of typhoid or similar bacterial infection.’

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Efron was in a ‘stable’ condition when he was admitted to to St Andrews War Memorial Hospital where he was kept in for seven days.

32-year-old Zac had jetted out to Papua New Guinea to film the daredevil series ‘deep in the jungle of a remote, dangerous island, falling off the grid for 21 days”.

The Quibi adventure series is said to star and be executive produced by Zac, who would forego all luxuries to survive with nothing but basic gear and a guide partner for the challenge.

Speaking ahead of filming, Zac said: “I tend to thrive under extreme circumstances and seek out opportunities that challenge me on every level.

“I am excited to explore any uncharted territory and discover what unexpected adventure awaits!”

Four days before Christmas, tour guide Cyril Tara posted pictures with Efron as he took him on to Kamanibit Village.

The pair arrived there by canoe before travelling to Pagwi Village.

“I am very happy to be is guide,’ said Mr Tara on December 7 as he posed for a picture with Zac.

The Californian native first found fame for starring in the Disney Channel original film High School Musical in 2006.

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