Living in a Fire Truck


Forester Simon Danant started living in his 1980s Bedford truck last summer. Its a former Army fire engine.

He moves it around Cambridgeshire, living behind hedges or down green lanes for a week or two at a time.

Because he is an expert at managing woodland, landowners are falling over themselves to host him. From tree-felling to “Lamping” – catching rabbits at night, Simon is an expert.

He can live on very little, as he hunts, forages and there is only him to feed.

He would prefer to stay in one place of course, but the planning laws make that difficult, and he is unlikely to be able to afford so much as a barn int he near future..

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  1. Hope you get your money to start your community! Come visit us here in the smoky mountains in east Tennessee! you can park on our land but I may ask you to milk a goat or too :)

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