He was my inspiration

Tribute to Dan Haggerty as Grizzly Adams-artist Bennett Klein

I grew up in a family that did things together, we didn’t have the money to spend on vacations or trips, but we always ate meals together, and we watched good TV shows as a family. I fondly remember watching PBS, nature and science shows, we also loved watching Grizzly Adams.

Even at such a young age, I decided that was the way I wanted to live, in a small cabin, on a mountain side, in the woods, with few people around, and lots of animals. Each week I looked forward to sitting in front of the TV and studying how he lived, how he hunted, how he survived. Of course I understood it was just a TV show, but it was as close as I could get at the time to living my dream.

I was saddened to hear that Dan Haggerty died from cancer, I still picture him in that cabin, young, in the peak of health, that’s what we do to our entertainment icons, we freeze them in place, and see them at the same age as they were when their shows aired.

I believe his portrayal of the character Grizzly Adams must have inspired many other people to want to live like that, in freedom, away from the rigors of city life, in the wild, with your own two hands doing what was needed to survive and thrive.

I don’t live exactly like that show, I don’t have a cabin, but I do have a castle on the side of a mountain, a place that looks similar to Grizzly Adam’s mountain, I am living my dream, I wish I could have thanked Dan Haggerty for his inspiration.

You can watch the show here, I just watched and for a little while, I’m a little girl again, full of hope and dreams.


The picture at the top was created by a wonderful artist, Bennett Klein, he created a beautiful tribute to Grizzly Adams and Dan Haggerty, and was very kind to give me permission to use his image, thanks Bennett! Click here to see more of Bennett’s artwork.

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