Modern technology, we have shunned much of it, but sometimes it’s a great thing to have around, the internet, FaceBook and the such, these things allow us to communicate, to keep in touch with, and to find those we lost track of.

In this case, I reached out on FaceBook, searching for a long lost friend, a person I knew back when I was not even a teenager. I found her and discovered she is living a parallel life to us, living off-grid, but her life is mobile, she is a gypsy at heart.

Her name is Beth and she lives in a van, she travels all over the USA working here and there, she just left Kansas and is heading west for more work she has lined up, I talked her into dipping a bit south on her journey through.

She got caught up in some icy weather and was stranded for a few days less than 100 miles from me, it was frustrating but everything worked out and she made it here, safe and sound.

Beth is working on getting her van set up for solar power so she can be even more independent when she travels and where she stays.

I have had a great time getting to know my best friend all over again, it’s funny some of the things that are so similar about our lives, I guess great minds do think alike, or at least strange minds :)

I usually worry a bit about people coming to stay in the sky castle for the first time, mostly because much of our life is fairly primitive, but since Beth lives in her van, I didn’t worry at all about how she would deal with staying here, she was already used to tight quarters and how to use a bucket for a toilet.

Here is a video about Beth and her van, enjoy.

You can follow Beth on her YouTube channel



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  1. I’ve seen Ms. La Fata around Mineral Wells. Her daughter was in band with my son and I sort of lucked into having her on my FB page. She seems like a kindred spirit with many of the same kinds of dreams so, it is encouraging to follow her on her journeys. Thank you for posting!

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