January 4, 2015




Modern technology, we have shunned much of it, but sometimes it’s a great thing to have around, the internet, FaceBook and the such, these things allow us to communicate, to keep in touch with, and to find those we lost track of.

In this case, I reached out on FaceBook, searching for a long lost friend, a person I knew back when I was not even a teenager. I found her and discovered she is living a parallel life to us, living off-grid, but her life is mobile, she is a gypsy at heart.

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Indian getaways

Here’s some ideas about where you could holiday off the grid in India…


Sunbathe on pristine-white sand beaches, hunt for seashells and swim in the warm sea. Aquatic enthusiasts could take a dip and get `up close and personal’ with some of the world’s rarest underwater marine life, including schools of dolphins, sharks and manta rays in Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

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