Fonder of water vapor firm

Zero Mass Water

A regular supply of drinking water is the holy grail for off-grid living. If you can get a bare minimum of water and heating of

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Empty shelves

What is the first thing to disappear off the shelves in an emergency? Water, that is the main thing I heard people on the news

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Agua y lo que viene

¿Qué es lo primero que desaparecerá de los estantes en una emergencia? El agua, eso es lo principal que escuché decir a las personas en

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Solar Water inventor Omar Yaghi in Berkeley, and his metal-organic models

Water from thin air

Scientists have created a device that can literally extract water from the air using solar power.  Solar Water could revolutionise off-grid living which currently requires

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desalination, potable, cheap drinking water

DIY Desalination

Earth isn’t called the “Blue Planet” for nothing, but the majority is saltwater and therefore not immediately drinkable. Hence we need the desalination process which

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Hot Springs, off-grid, water, solar, geothermal, retreat, off the beaten track

6 Hot Springs you must visit

Hot springs offer much-needed peace, quiet and relaxation. The naturally occurring, geothermally heated bliss provided in beautiful surroundings is second to none. Plus, if you

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boke and other possessions on board

Floating off the grid

Rachel Johnson loves it when people ask her where she lives ”and I say, ‘well…today its Broadway Market but next week its Victoria Park’”. Rachel

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Power from Tap Water

PBS News Hour just ran this report on an inventor who wants to extract the power from H20: HARI SREENIVASAN: Imagine a mini power supply

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Doomsday retailer

  Meet Scott Hunt, also known as Engineer775 on his Youtube channel where he gives expert reviews for National Geographic’s reality TV show, Doomsday Preppers.

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Floating paradise

If I weren’t living where I do now and loving it, this is how I would want to live, on a homemade island home. These

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Hugelkultur, pronounced hugle (like bugle but with a “h”) culture, it’s really simple, combining raised beds with lots of organic material under and on top

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Clean a dog or a fish or yourself

A Shower in a box

If you need a portable shower, or a way of cleaning food or dishes – or even dogs – on the move, RinseKit is a portable,

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Water issues

Living in our little rural community in the mountains, we don’t have many choices for over the air radio stations, the mountains block most if

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India, yurt vacation, unplugged,

Indian getaways

. Here’s some ideas about where you could holiday off the grid in India… MARITIME ADVENTURE Sunbathe on pristine-white sand beaches, hunt for seashells and

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Edisto river canoe and tree house experience

Tree house vacation

Book a tree house on the Edisto River. These tree houses have no electricity or running water, but are considered one of the South Carolina

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Tax on rainwater coming soon, State rules prevent free use of rainwater

Rainwater politics

You can drink the rainwater in Atlanta, Georgia, but that is one of the few places in the US that provides for the use of

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Solar powered irrigation

Irrigation pumps powered by clean renewable energy, such as solar pumps, could solve both the economic and environmental dilemma: they don’t emit greenhouse gases, and

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Floating house designs

Introducing Aquatecture

A new architectural movement is leading to fresh opportunities for off-grid living – close to the rivers and seas that carry so much of our

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Umbrella can be used for rainwater harvesting

Tips for harvesting rainwater

Many cities and states encourage rainwater harvesting, yet few homes and commercial buildings have implemented it. Excuses range from the cost of construction to lack

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Food storage ideas…

Preppers are always trying to get everyone else to at least begin stocking up on some short and long term food storage, honestly the biggest

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As millions live without power or sanitation, or even gasoline, in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, it seems the North-East of America is getting its

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Water off-grid

Water. It’s necessary for life, and it’s pretty handy to have around. Drinking, cooking and cleaning, you need water. This will be a 2 part

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Seed catalogs

It’s the middle of winter, cold, dreary, but something I start receiving in my mailbox makes me long for the warm days of spring, the

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Global Storming

2010 was the wettest year since records began. And it was not just the amount of rain and snow, but the intensity which increased

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Wow, what a rain!

Living in the high desert means having to deal with long periods of dry weather punctuated by periods of mega-rains. We got one of those

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Green home loans

SAN FRANCISCO — Locals will use home loans to finance green improvements now San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom has unveiled a new financing program, Green

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Reedbeds, not sewers

Reedbed Filtration is a natural approach to human waste water treatment. International environmental scientist, MELVYN RUTTER is a born-again reed-bed enthusiast. Here he describes his

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Off-Grid questions

Every now and again, I get an email with some great questions, this evening I received such an email from a new ‘net friend, Marcy.

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Wish we thought of that!

The rainbeers are coming! An Atlanta Brewery which was making beer from rainwater has been told to stop gathering  the water by city officials.  Probably

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