Summer is (almost) officially here

I say almost because it doesn’t officially begin until the 21st of this month, and the fact that I am sitting here with thermal pants on, it’s cold! Well not really COLD, but cool, too chilly for shorts that’s for sure! I love living in the high desert of far west Texas, no where else in Texas is it this cool in mid June!

That being said, it’s still hot during the day, OK it’s nothing like it was when I lived between Dallas and Fort Worth, but after being here for 8 years, I’m spoilt, our rainy season is just starting and this is our hottest part of the year, we don’t have air conditioning (electric or swamp coolers), we rely on opening all the windows and using fans, we also have a few places around the property that are cooler, under the trees and under the SkyCastle too.

I found this article on how to keep cool in the heat of summer, let me know if you use any of these and how they work for you, AND if you have any improvements on these or other ideas for keeping cool.


Sweat beads up on your forehead and then all over your body. The heat becomes heavy and you can barely breathe in the hazy conditions. As summer gets closer in Charlotte, we’re already on the verge of breaking records. Use these Pinterest search results to ease the pain.

Soda slushy!

To be fair we haven’t tried this one so test it with caution. Per this Tumblr account, shake an unsealed bottle of soda and pop it in the freezer for about three hours. Loosen the cap to release pressure, then flip the bottle upside down to get out the goodness.


Freeze aloe for sunburns

Pop it in an ice cube tray, then chill before gliding over your scorched skin.


Lighten your locks

When chlorine turns it green, freshen up your hair with olive oil. Put it on before swimming.


Build a homemade air conditioner



If you don’t want to run you the bill, get a bucket, a fan and a few more items to make your own ventilation. See how here.

Beach belongings

Clean out a sunscreen bottle and put your car keys or cell phone inside to trick a thief.


Pickup truck pool, anyone?

When the real version is out of reach, grab a tarp and make your own “cold” tub.


Frozen food

If you like your wine chilled but sun is warming it up too quickly, lower the temp by dropping in some frozen grapes.


Chill a beverage in minutes

Don’t worry if your forgot to put your drinks in the refrigerator. Wrap them in a wet paper towel and stick in the freezer for about 15 minutes. Voila!


Always have ice cold water

Fill your water bottle half of the way. Turn it on its side and put the bottle in the freezer. You can put water on the other side once it’s frozen and have ice cold aqua on the go.


Freeze pillow cases

Freeze your pillow cases or pajamas for instant freshness. Close your blinds to keep some of the sunlight out of your bedroom and invest in light shades of sheets.


Clean your grill without chemicals

Looks like baking soda, foil and olive oil could get off all the crud naturally. (Personally I have an easier way of doing this, I take a bowl of water, a stainless steel scrubby and a pair of tongs, heat up the grill, then wipe/scrub the wet stainless steel scrubby over the heated gunk, it steams and scrubs it clean, I do this before AND after grilling)


Go makeup free

Instead of your makeup melting off your face, go with tinted moisturizer.




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