Pedal powered water pump

An old mountain bike, some DIY know-how, a length of tube and a few coats of paint against the elements is all that is needed to turn an old piston-pump into your own fully-functioning mechanical water pump.

This film made in county Mayo shows how to get yourself 10 liters per minute. It could work with a hand-pump as well, turning a simple, cheap device available anywhere in the world into something whihc can supply water for an entire community.

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  1. My name is Megan. I attened the School of Environmental Studies in Apple Valley MN. For our Senior Project we are making a bicycle powered water pump for our Partnership Garden (partnershipgarden.org). This garden is a community garden that focuses on the benefits of permaculture. Our goal is to be able to water that garden using water from a pond outside our school. If you have any tips or tricks I would love for you to contact me at megankrogman @gmail.com. thank you!

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