Holos – beyond doomsday – the new Paradigm

As the  winds of change are being felt around the planet, it´s a good time to post this video about Paradigm shift. The end of the year contains an astounding amount of collective attention to an “end date”. For some, December 21 brings the end of world, a doomsday, a shift in consciousness, an alignment of the earth with major cosmic bodies and black holes. Some say it is the end of the longest cycle of a Mayan Calendar, others say this long count cycle Calendar was made by the Olmecs.

This video doesn’t talk about calendars and doom dates, but it gives a good description of what kind of paradigm shift we maty be going through, and how this new understanding is the key to the next stage of planetary consciousness from the perspective of modern science.

Some astrological academics say nothing big is happening in relation to cosmic bodies or earth alignments. So maybe the important thing is that the “21 December phenomenon” is a huge factor in the equation of our current Earth events and it´s possible future.

But it may be the first End date or doomsday that will unite the attention and focus of most people around the world thanks to the Internet and it happens to synchronise with a worldwide economic crisis, recognised by peoples’ protests all around the globe.

This series of videos talk about many different aspects of  a new paradigm, from body health, diseases, psychology, physics, biology, economics and much more.

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  1. check out this great gospel of Thomas web site wow .. interpreted too so wonderfully .. and this is the book THEY LEFT OUT OF THE BIBLE BECAUSE ITS MOSTLY WHAT JESUS SAID;;; https://www.gospelofthomasfullyinterpreted.com/

    Jesus says: I suffered and died so that you may know the way! I did not die to pay for your sins! But that you may find forgiveness for your own! Forgiveness of each other and forgiveness of yourself! ……. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JfeYPjTTIhk

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