December 20, 2012


Best way to get Internet off the grid

What do you have do to get Internet access when you don’t have a fixed phone line?

Which service do you use and why? – We are trying to find out what works best in different parts of the country – it can make a huge difference to your quality of life. Please let us know through comments at the end of this story, or in the forum if you prefer.

There are three main options
1. Satellite Internet – like Dish network and HuughesNet – relatively inexpensive but surprisingly high power consumption.

2. Mobile broadband via your cell – either on your cell or using it as a wireless hotspot and connecting your computer to it – lowest power consumption.

3. A purpose built device, like a roof-top antenna for 4G signals, connected to a wireless router inside the house like Home Fusion from Verizon.

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Holos – beyond doomsday – the new Paradigm

As the  winds of change are being felt around the planet, it´s a good time to post this video about Paradigm shift. The end of the year contains an astounding amount of collective attention to an “end date”. For some, December 21 brings the end of world, a doomsday, a shift in consciousness, an alignment of the earth with major cosmic bodies and black holes. Some say it is the end of the longest cycle of a Mayan Calendar, others say this long count cycle Calendar was made by the Olmecs.

This video doesn’t talk about calendars and doom dates, but it gives a good description of what kind of paradigm shift we maty be going through, and how this new understanding is the key to the next stage of planetary consciousness from the perspective of modern science.

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Stops Along the Way: Part 1

Time goes by fast and even faster when you have much to do by a deadline, writes Mochagypsy.   My energies have been scattered between organizing my belongings, moving into my home on wheels, and being hit with the first Nor’easter of the season!

I’m happy to announce that I am now a full time RV-er!  I intended to write a climactic entry the night before my big move (the last day of October), but a hurricane Sandy came along and knocked out my Internet connection.  I will not complain too harshly since compared to many others in my region, I got off easy.  It’s somewhat strange for me to think about how I had an idea to change my life only a few months ago and now I’m writing this entry from the inside of my new home.  I guess life really is that simple.  It’s only the stops we take along the way in our journey that makes change seem so complicated.

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Do not buy Solar Panels from James McKirdy

Greentech Media reports on scam artist operating under the name Off-Grid Solar (not connected in any way with this site).

They’ve reported on the antics of solar salesman (and apparently scumbag) James McKirdy, age 66, since early 2011. In the months that Greentech have been following his activities, he’s been accused of bilking tens of thousands of dollars from solar panel consumers who have partnered with him or tried to buy McKirdy’s mythical solar panels.

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