5 Cool things for your Bug-out Bag (or off-grid stocking)

What do YOU think should be in the best bug-out bags this year? Please let us know by commenting on this article. Send us videos unboxing YOUR bug out bag to news@off-grid.net.

Meanwhile, here are some ideas in the $10-25 price bracket:

Equip yourself: with a Survivor HK-106320 Series Fixed Blade Outdoor Knife/strong

The Survivor HK-106320 is an ergonomic and durable blade designed for the outdoors. The cord-wrapped handles provides firm grip as well as a handy bit of cord if you’re every in a bind. Crucially, it comes with a magnesium fire starter so you don’t need to worry about carrying matches or a lighter, which can be unreliable in poor weather conditions. The knife has a safe nylon sheath so you can take it with you around your land or further afield safe in the knowledge that with the right technique it will cut through pretty much anything.

Keep the kids occupied and educated with Gadgets and Gizmos

LittleBits Gadgets & Gizmos Building Kit – buy it on Amazon US
For children 8 and up — or even adults—who’ve dreamed of building their own machines, magnetic building bricks from LittleBits help make it happen. You don’t have to understand electronic engineering, you just have to appreciate cause and effect. Press this button, that fan turns on; when light hits a sensor, the motor spins—the more light, the faster. The latest LittleBits kit comes with extras to provide these imaginative constructions with shape and style. For a hefty $200, at least the Gizmos & Gadgets kit doesn’t skimp on electronic building blocks. You get two motors, two dimmers, two power sources, a wireless transmitter and receiver and much more. littlebits.com

Ultra-bright LED Lantern – buy it on Amazon.com

You won’t have to hold a torch in your mouth any longer! This ultra-bright LED lantern is built with military grade, water resistant plastic and is easily collapsible to take around your land. It will illuminate a wide surrounding areas cleanly. The light is made up of 30 individual LEDs making it one of the brightest lights on the market – especially for less than $15.

Task Tools T77250 Weekend Warrior Apron with Polyweb Belt – Buy it on Amazon

This split leather tool belt is perfect for carrying all your tools around when you’re fixing your generator, roof, or most likely, your toilet. It has a quick release buckle if you want to put it down in a hurry, but sits on all sizes perfectly like an apron. Very reasonably priced considering you’ll never have to buy a tool belt again — 5 different pocket sizes and 2 hammer holders.

https://www.amazon.com/Task-Tools-T77250-Weekend-5-Pocket – buy it on Amazon/dp/B00A479C76/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1448302203&sr=8-2&keywords=Tool+belt

And another one for the kids……

LA SIESTA – Hanging Nest – Buy it on Amazon US

This hanging crow’s nest is a pod/hammock made from 100% tear-proof double cotton, with …

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Backyard farmers by necessity: self-sufficient and debt-free

Inspiring story about how necessity pushes a young couple to become organic farmers and succeed with it for the rest of their lives with no debt, a business and self sustainable food while enjoying their work instead of waiting for retirement to find happiness.

The video contains interesting home made tools and techniques for farming.

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Hot water with rocket stove

A simple way to fill a tank with hot water without using electricity or gas. Just take some solid fuel, a Rocket Stove and copper tube coil.

Rocket stoves are one of the most efficient, clean and simple ways to get heat from burning wood. Many people now cook with rocket stoves and heat their houses with rocket mass heaters

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Extract limonene from citrus

Limonene is a clear liquid that smells of freshly peeled oranges. It can be used in biodegradable cleaning soap, biofuel, botanical insecticide, insect repellent, and it is said  to relieve gastroesophageal reflux disease and heartburn.

This video shows how to extract limonene without having to waste lots of energy on distillation or having to use toxic solvents such as liquid carbon dioxide.

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RAM pumps move water without fuel

RAM pumps can move water from a lower point to a higher point by using the energy from a water sources like a stream or river. They work 24 hours a day with no fuel or electricity and super low maintenance.

In this series of videos, learn the basics for calculating the size of a RAM pump installation depending on your water needs. Leanr also, how to make a RAM pump installations.

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Build an Edible Green Roof

Beautiful Green roofs are a good alternative for growing food where there is little or no garden space, it also helps to keep the temperature fresh in summer and isolate the house in winter.

This video show how to make a green roof with a mix that is one third of the weight of common soil – so that the roof can handle the load.

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Off-Grid 101

Best way to cut Glass Bottles.

Glass bottles are a great building material – strong, long-lasting and beautiful if handled correctly. They can be used for hundreds of things, from decoration and food storage to UV water treatments and windows.

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The Global Ecovillage Network

The Global Eco-village Network is a network of sustainable communities.

It offers invaluable knowledge and experience from the most successful sustainable communities around the world. In this video, founder Kosha Joubert talks about the GEN, her experience in this movement, how an Ecovillage helps to change a whole region, and the rising interest from mainstream media.

An example of famous ecovillages that are part of the network are Findhorn Ecovillage in Escotland, Auroville in India and The Farm in the U.S.

All off them are true laboratories for Off-grid living, energy technologies, low Carbon footprint building methods, new economics, alternative currencies and much more.

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Holos – beyond doomsday – the new Paradigm

As the  winds of change are being felt around the planet, it´s a good time to post this video about Paradigm shift. The end of the year contains an astounding amount of collective attention to an “end date”. For some, December 21 brings the end of world, a doomsday, a shift in consciousness, an alignment of the earth with major cosmic bodies and black holes. Some say it is the end of the longest cycle of a Mayan Calendar, others say this long count cycle Calendar was made by the Olmecs.

This video doesn’t talk about calendars and doom dates, but it gives a good description of what kind of paradigm shift we maty be going through, and how this new understanding is the key to the next stage of planetary consciousness from the perspective of modern science.

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Technology and Unemployment

The average working person struggles while Corporate profits soar. The middle class is being replaced by automation.

We underestimate the impact of automation. This video observes how, as the economic crisis deepens, competition gets tougher.

This is forcing business to automate more which in turn lays people off, reducing purchasing power and fuelling the crisis further. This self destructive trend has a limit where the system stops, and we may be close to that limit.

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The Blue Economy

It must be recognised that the so-called Green Movement has failed to establish a Green Economy. How could we create opportunity and value from waste? How could we sell organic food when it can never compete with the low prices of mass produced food?

Some people claim we consume only 2% of the coffee that is grown in the world, so why not use the waste to grow shitake, or produce biogas, or feed animals with the other 98%?

The Zero Emissions Research and Initiatives (ZERI) presents in this short film the concept behind The Blue Economy — sustainable business models that mimick biology to create technology and innovations.

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The Truth about Dishonesty

One of the world’s leading experts on human motivation and behavior explains the result of a huge piece of research into human dishonesty.

With the help of fun and consistently high quality animations from RSA Dan Ariely shows us in this film the eye opening mechanics behind the distorted rationalization of what it is to be honest, and how our economic games encourage us all to become dishonest.

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