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Extract limonene from citrus

Limonene is a clear liquid that smells of freshly peeled oranges. It can be used in biodegradable cleaning soap, biofuel, botanical insecticide, insect repellent, and it is

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Build an Edible Green Roof

Beautiful Green roofs are a good alternative for growing food where there is little or no garden space, it also helps to keep the temperature

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Off-Grid 101

Best way to cut Glass Bottles.

Glass bottles are a great building material – strong, long-lasting and beautiful if handled correctly. They can be used for hundreds of things, from decoration

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The Global Ecovillage Network

The Global Eco-village Network is a network of sustainable communities. It offers invaluable knowledge and experience from the most successful sustainable communities around the world. In

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Technology and Unemployment

The average working person struggles while Corporate profits soar. The middle class is being replaced by automation. We underestimate the impact of automation. This video

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The Blue Economy

It must be recognised that the so-called Green Movement has failed to establish a Green Economy. How could we create opportunity and value from waste?

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The Truth about Dishonesty

One of the world’s leading experts on human motivation and behavior explains the result of a huge piece of research into human dishonesty. With the

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