The Blue Economy

It must be recognised that the so-called Green Movement has failed to establish a Green Economy. How could we create opportunity and value from waste? How could we sell organic food when it can never compete with the low prices of mass produced food?

Some people claim we consume only 2% of the coffee that is grown in the world, so why not use the waste to grow shitake, or produce biogas, or feed animals with the other 98%?

The Zero Emissions Research and Initiatives (ZERI) presents in this short film the concept behind The Blue Economy — sustainable business models that mimick biology to create technology and innovations.

I had the chance to assits a talk from Gunter Pauli about the Blue Economy, where he present us examples of successful existing buisness and models that can be copied in different communities.

For those looking for fresh and truly sustainable business models, I recommend you study the Blue Economy web site and the list of innovations.

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