High-tech gifts for the Holiday season

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Hi-tech, low touch
Yes, I know, we should eschew consumerism, ignore Thanksgiving and go for a Chinese meal on Christmas day, Easily said, but sons, parents, aunties and old friends just don’t see it that way.

So whether you live off-grid and have to answer questions about what gift you want, or if you are the relative of someone who lives off the grid, here are a couple of ideas for Christmas gifts that work for people outside the system.

Van or Boat dweller

For someone who lives in a confined space and a long way from major shopping centers, E-readers have been flying off the shelves and consider a gift card to an e-book store, so he or she will always have something to read on a tablet while waiting for the battery bank to charge up.(Buy it in Canada here). Canada E-readers here. UK here.


Teenagers are a problem in an off-grid situation. On the one hand you want them to grow up with traditional values – more inclined to play inthe woods than get on their X-box, on the other hand you cannot deprive them of access to the Internet – the world’s biggest library and social network, and jukebox. Gong to and from school, freinds and home, they need a device that is easy to carry around. There are many brands, like the HP Spectre13 x2.
The HP Spectre13 x2 is a two-in-one ultrabook designed to be fast and lightweight whether it’s operating as a tablet or a PC. The device offers access to photos, music and more, even while on-the-go. In Canada you might try the Samsung Chromebook

With a notebook and tablet in one, kids can take notes in physics class and then use the same device to listen to music using Beats Audio on the long ride home.

Busy parent

Although you can’t give busy parents more hours in a day, there are some gifts that could make their lives a bit easier.

Consider a gift that connects everything they want at once, such as HP Connected. Although parents never know when they’ll need to share that adorable picture of their kid’s first trip to the zoo, with HP Connected — which is included in new HP PCs and tablets or available as an app for download — they can always be prepared. HP Connected Photo offers seamless access to photos from mobile devices or social media sites like Facebook in one location — and parents can make the most of these photos by printing them or even creating cards and invitations directly from the application.

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