December 2, 2013

We work to pay – Hydro hike reaction

There’s no shortage of reaction from Niagara residents to the news their hydro bills are beginning to skyrocket.

the famous Niagara falls may be a pubic asset, but the energy it could theoretically produce  belongs to the local monopoly

More than 60 comments came flooding in to the QMI Agency Niagara’s Facebook page about the Liberal government’s new long-term energy plan showing the average Ontario monthly residential bill of $125 will rise to $178 within five years — a 42% increase.

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Memo to Santa: Keep taking the Tablets

GADGETS are the big gifts this year as usual, whether tablets, games consoles, TVs or cameras.
But there is one gizmo that can be all of these things at once – the new iPad Mini 2, which came out earlier this month.
Priced from $459 (£349 in the UK CDN$756 in Canada) for the 32GB wi-fi-only version or $619 with mobile connectivity, it is not cheap – but it does the job of so many gadgets it works out at unbeatable value.

Here, are just some of its many uses …

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High-tech gifts for the Holiday season

Yes, I know, we should eschew consumerism, ignore Thanksgiving and go for a Chinese meal on Christmas day, Easily said, but sons, parents, aunties and old friends just don’t see it that way.

So whether you live off-grid and have to answer questions about what gift you want, or if you are the relative of someone who lives off the grid, here are a couple of ideas for Christmas gifts that work for people outside the system.

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Year round maintenance tips for small engines

Power equipment, especially two stroke engines in like generators, snow blowers and lawnmowers are built to do a specific job and in most cases do it well. But when a piece of equipment doesn’t perform as it should, or not at all, you might regret not having spent a few minutes a month on preventative measures.

Proper engine maintenance and on- and off-season preparation are crucial. Without it, the engine’s performance could be diminished and its lifespan drastically reduced, which means you’ll be spending more time and money on repairs or replacements. And when your equipment is out of commission, it also means you could lose out on opportunities for new projects.

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