Be ready for first aid

Not a plaster to be had and several unopened jars of stuff you’ve never heard of? Quit buying overpriced First Aid kits off the shelf and make your own. Or if you can’t be bothered, we tell you where to get the best, (and by that we mean actually useful) kits on line.

First stop for your first aid kit, is writing a list of the items your household frequently runs out of. Migrane sufferer in the house? Someone like to over indulge a little on the port and needs some help with heartburn? Make sure they are cartered for. As complaints go, these might not rival chopping off a leg for survival story glamour, but they will still spoil any trip (or night in when the shops are closed) and are probably more likely to happen. Add to these your basics such as paracetomol, (although this shouldn’t be taken for hangovers as can damage the liver), ibuprofen, something for upset tummies , plus the childrens version of each, if appliacable to your household. (Or if you’re a Scout master). Apart from that, first aid kits should include: bandages and sterile dressings, antiseptic lotion or cream, cream for burns and insect bites and safety pins. And a small point, but one you’ll be wonderfully greatful for if camping in the rain, is a waterproof, sealable bag or container to keep them all in. Make sure it’s big enough to add a little to; you need to review the contents every time you take a new kind of trip; For example, hikers might want blister treatments and rehydration sachets. After all, if you haven’t got your health…

Off-Grid’s top three:
Atwater Carey is a favourite for long trips or family travel with scissors, bandages, gloves can be used to treat any injury. The cheapest we found was $29.99 from Altrec.com

Soft Pack first aid kit is much smaller but contains essentials like antiseptic wipes, ibuprofen tablets and antibiotic ointment. $ 8.49 from first-aid-product.com

Adventure medical Ultralight .5 first aid kit super light and waterproof case. Ideal for solo camping and boating. $11.96 also available for two people $16.09 from bigskyfishing.com

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