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Cheapest places to live in America

mapcheapConsider this: a T-bone steak from a Manhattan grocer averages $15.52. In Harlingen, Texas, the cheapest place to live in America, the same steak goes for $8.34.

If you are going off the grid, or even if you are already off the grid and wanting to trade down to somewhere more affordable – this article is for you.

There are numerous dimensions to measure cost of living, and most places that score low on some measures score high on others. The most obvious is property; more sophisticated is the ratio of earnings to property. Then there is the cost of a basket of household products

We followed the AARP (association of retired people) whose magazine based their list on the price of property, and the taxes levied on state benefits such as pension and social security:

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Cheapest places to live in UK and London

Property price is usually the defining factor in UK cost of living. Belfast is probably the cheapest city in the UK. Here’s a link to start you off with.


If it was me, I’d be looking at a place that is a combination of lowest crime with lowest house prices. No good having cheap booze and then you’re in hospital the next day all screwed over or your place has been ransacked.

Other than that if price is the only consideration – areas in Lancashire are good.

Price range for cheap would be a terraced house or flat for around £10k – £30k. Exclude holiday homes or caravans

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…. and some of the world’s cheapest places to live


Kiev, Ukraine

As Eastern Europe’s crucial center for industrial, educational, scientific and cultural development; Kiev boasts of a diverse means of economic sustenance since it doesn’t depend on just one industry. Although it is a middle income city and poverty is evident in other parts of the country; Kiev virtually has nonexistent slums which is pretty good for such an inexpensive place to live.

Bogota, Colombia

Bogotá is the most populous city in Colombia with 7.3m inhabitants as of 2010. Because of its numerous universities and libraries, Bogota became known as “The Athens of South America”.

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Doomsday business is booming

Be it the Mayan prophecy, Peak Oil or Global flooding, there is big money in the coming collapse

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Gov. loans for off-grid power

The US government is making good on it s green promises – new government publications call for loans from Agriculture Dept for off-grid rural electrification, and Energy Secretary funded “demonstration projects” for off-grid hydrogen

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Bullies on the grid

British Gas stockpiled by big energy companies in summer so it canb sold back at twice the price in winter

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Danger from the water grid

Drinking mains water means ingesting small but significant amounts of pharmaceuticals — including antibiotics, anti-convulsants, mood stabilizers and sex hormones — according to a new study. Moral of the story: Don’t drink water from the grid.

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Masdar – off-grid or off their heads?

World’s press taken in by massive launch party for Arab eco-city. In fact its self-professed aim is to allow more oil to be drilled, while the eco-city itself is merely a dormitory town for nearby Abu Dhabi.

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