A preparedness shopping list

Preppers help the canned goods industry

The US Department of Homeland Security recommends every home have, at the bare minimum, these supplies. The reference to a period of three days can be altered depending on what kind of emergency you are anticipating:

Water (1 gallon per person per day)

Nonperishable food for three days

Can opener

Battery-powered weather radio with tone alert



First-aid kit

Whistle to signal for help

Plastic sheeting for shelter, plus garbage bags

Duct tape

Dust masks

Moist towelettes

Wrench or pliers to turn off utilities

Local maps

Cellphone and chargers


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  1. The irony of this article is that it references the Div. of Homeland Security. I read that the FBI considers American citizens terrorist suspects if you store more than seven days worth of food. Better not have any missing fingers or any kind of firearm at home either. Judging by this list, the government doesn’t want you to be self sufficient obviously. You wouldn’t need them anymore…

  2. Build an earthship to survive
    Roof catchs your water.
    Solar for electic and hot water as well as heats thermal mass to keep house warm
    grey water planters grow food and clean water so you can use it again to flush toilets
    Also built largely with recycled materials
    Check out earthship .com for more details

  3. That’s a shady start of a list but it works for starters I guess. I’ve been planning for years and am ready (JIC) just in case. Lucky for me if SHTF I have enough to get by for at least 6 months. multiple ways to get good clean drinking water is #1, #2Shelter with fire starting methods 2-3ways,#3 different types of weapons w/plenty of ammo, & traps. #4 Escape routes, GO packs, Solar panel with 2 or more batteries for power. Extra Gas w/stabil. Don’t forget to rotate your stock of can food every 6 months.Plan for months not days!!!Be prepared. The Boy Scout motto!

  4. Yes, I agree with veronica. 3 days is beyond ridiculous…regular grocery shopping lasts more then that…who goes to the store every 2 days because they have nothing else to eat or drink ??

  5. most of the stuff on this list would no longer be usuable after a few weeks – or in some cases a few months. Only the whistle and the first aid kit will last indefinitely.

    Why three days – what on earth is going to happen that will be over in three days ?

  6. Sir, We are prepping for a year, root cellering,canning,collecting seeds,composting for breeding worms for fishing and garden. And keeping ammo for hunting. But this is good basic list for beginners as most people do not prepare for anything till the last minute. I know this coming from Florida.

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