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There are over 11,000 officially registered homes with solar power in California, up from 900 in 2002. There are many more in the backwoods and small towns. Now the California Environmental Protection agency is trying to add solar power to a million houses in the next decade. And what California does today, the world does tomorrow.

Power cuts are a regular event in California these days. However, solar panels are expensive and rarely pay back.

The plan is to raise $1bn with a surcharge of 30 cents per month on consumer�s electricity bills. The money would be used by the government to give rebates and incentives for installing solar panels. Solar panels would reduce electricity bills and could be a source of income, as homeowners sell their extra power back to the grid.

This proposal, which would make California a national trendsetter, still has to be endorsed by governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. He pledged to convert half of California�s homes solar power during his election campaign.

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  1. Magnus Johansen

    That is amazing growth in solar powered homes. Why has it happened? Is it price or power cuts that is driving it?

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