August 6, 2004

Solar Power in California

There are over 11,000 officially registered homes with solar power in California, up from 900 in 2002. There are many more in the backwoods and small towns. Now the California Environmental Protection agency is trying to add solar power to a million houses in the next decade. And what California does today, the world does tomorrow.

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Windpower in Antarctica

Harsh weather conditions and inaccessibility for half the year make it impossible to install wires and pipes to deliver energy to Antarctica. In Australia�s Mawson Station, 2.1 megalitres of diesel had to be transported by ship and truck every year to keep the station working. This is costly, dangerous and a huge stress for the pristine and fragile Antarctic environment. The Solution:


� Australian Antarctic Division 2002
Kingston Tasmania 7050

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Hot to Be Cold

It seems like a paradox, but solar refrigerators only need the sun to come out before they will chill your drinks.


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