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Tasmania ahoy! Great land sale

Australian land sale - South West national Park Tasmania has stunning   unique vistasA LARGE slice of picturesque Upper Derwent Valley on the edge of Tasmania’s Southwest National Park is for sale in lots to generate funds for the Land Conservancy.

A total of six lots, ranging in size from about 20ha to 137ha, each with conservation covenants attached are on offer to protect the land’s natural values in line with the aims of the non-profit organisation.

The plots can all be found on Google Maps – such as Bullock Hill. 20km north of New Norfolk, a 60- to 75-minute drive from the Hobart CBD, adjoining the Pelham West Reserve.

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Real Estate, Cincinnati

Talks are afoot in Hamilton County about building what could be the first subdivision in Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky that is completely off the grid.

Hamilton County Commissioner Todd Portune is leading talks about a creating a subdivision that would showcase the latest, greatest in green-building technology. Features could include solar panels, permeable pavement, rooftop gardens and homes so efficient their owners will never pay an energy bill.

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Going up: Hedge fun – Going down: Hedge fund

Woodland is booming and the value of commercial holdings surged by up to 40 per cent in the past year. Buying woodland is becoming an increasingly astute move for people wishing to find a haven for their cash.

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More progress for UK solar industry

A new factory in North Wales could give the solar energy market in the UK the impetus it needs. The Sharp Corporation, the worlds major producer of photovoltaic (PV) products, initially expected that the new Wrexham plant would turn out PV panels for residential and commercial installations at a rate of 20 MW worth per year. But orders quickly exceeded output and the company announced that it would be doubling it’s capacity.

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Looking to nature creates a second chance for Welsh Farmers

Faced with a dramatic 75% decline in farming through disasters as diverse as Chernobyl and BSE, many Welsh hill farmers decided to pack up and try a new line in work. Not the three families that make up the Cwmni Gwynt Teg (‘fair wind’ in Welsh) cooperative. When faced with disaster in 1997, this ingenious group looked to the the mountains for inspiration and harnessed the wind, on their own land. They now run the Moel Moelogan Wind farm, a profitable and growing business.

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Coolest Caravans

Shake off your prejudice and start looking for your tow bar; the chicest (and easiest) way to be independent comes in the form of the good, old-fashioned caravan.

kewl karavan
Cool Caravans for sale or hire

Always strong on the conceptual front, (a house on wheels that you can take anywhere? Keep changing the view? Genius.) it was let down badly by unchic design. Now, finally, the cool caravan has arrived. And you can hire it for a weekend.

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Focus on Hydrogen

Inspired by our story about the island off Norway, Utsira, adopting hydrogen power? ( Island switches to wind and hydrogen posted 5th of August 2004). Consider a trip to the International Hydrogen Energy Congress & Exhibition, being held in Turkey from the 13th to 15th of July 2005.

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Fantasy Island

A holiday is in the eye of the beholder. No Swimming pool, no tv, no minbars For those who want to truly off-grid when they take off, Petit Byahaut, located on St.Vincent in the West Indies, would be far from the madding crowd, rather than just maddening.

Off-grid Cove
Tranquility is a human right

So what do you get? An Eco-resort that offers five Frangipani surrounded guesthouses with corrugated-roofed open-air bedrooms, natural beauty products, and fresh seafood hauled daily form the sea. But the most appealing aspect for the vacationing off-grider, is that whilst you let your body gradually unwind, your conscience can take a break too.

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Warm indoors

What’s the most effective way generating enough off-grid energy? Try not needing quite so much in the first place. According to the National Energy Foundation, in a typical UK home a third of the heat produced by a central heating system is unnecessarily and rapidly lost. As winter makes its hasty approach, try taking a few of these heat saving techniques to make sure you will be like the proverbial bug in the rug

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