Fantasy Island

A holiday is in the eye of the beholder. No Swimming pool, no tv, no minbars For those who want to truly off-grid when they take off, Petit Byahaut, located on St.Vincent in the West Indies, would be far from the madding crowd, rather than just maddening.

Off-grid Cove
Tranquility is a human right

So what do you get? An Eco-resort that offers five Frangipani surrounded guesthouses with corrugated-roofed open-air bedrooms, natural beauty products, and fresh seafood hauled daily form the sea. But the most appealing aspect for the vacationing off-grider, is that whilst you let your body gradually unwind, your conscience can take a break too.

As well as solar power, composting, careful waste-handling and the inclusion of local St Vincent communities, Petit Byahaut ensures a minimum impact on the native forest surrounding it’s 56 acres. Boats head to an offshore mooring to be met by an eight-foot dinghy, which will go on to the resort, when deliveries need to be made; of guests and supplies alike. The guest houses have low-wattage lights powered by photovoltaic
cells on their roofs, and when it rains, the metal roofs funnel water to discreetly sited tanks, from which it is piped to the guests’ solar-heated showers and filtered for drinking. Even toilets are connected to a septic system, and showers and sinks simply drain into planting areas. So you can take a break from saving the planet, whilst keeping up the good work. go on, it’s your duty…


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