RV starring Robin Williams

robin williams in RV
Little RV on the prairie

New movie RV is about a man who tries to get closer to his family by taking them on a road trip across America in a recrational vehicle. Its a comedy about the camper van community and the woes and pitfalls of life on the road.

During a thoughtful moment in the flick,released next week in the US, Robin Williams observes that if you really want to find out about yourself, put your family in a recreation vehicle and drive.

In fact its not Robin Williams we are finding out about here, but Director Barry Sonnenfeld.

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Williams’ ad man character plans a job-saving rendezvous on the pretense of a family vacation. He rents an RV and navigates his spoiled wife (Cheryl Hines of Curb Your Enthusiasm), son and daughter through a maze of misadventures, including a faulty toilet, a near-escape from hurtling off a hill, to say nothing of an annoying couple the clan meets who refuse to disappear from their radar.

It is not as funny as Lost in America with Albert Brooks, about a man who chucks his old lifestyle to hit the road in a Winnie, only to have his wife lose all their money in Vegas. It’s a story of professional setbacks, disappointment mixed with relief, new insights into parenting and marriage, and finding laughs amid tough times.

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