Winter wonderland

PICT0001We had a very pretty day yesterday, it was one of those rare days that was cold but not so bitter that you didn’t want to go out. My friend and I had to go into town in the morning, it had been foggy, windy and cold overnight, we didn’t know what to expect in the morning, there was a chance we couldn’t go into town. We woke up to this sight, a winter wonderland of ice crystals that had grown on the windward side, growing in furry spiky delicate ice crystals.

After going into town, my friend and I decided if it was still this pretty when we got back that we would get a camera and snap some pictures of the beauty around us. Fortunately it hadn’t melted off and we were able to grab some great pix. It melted off later in the afternoon, it truly was a fleeting beauty. Enjoy!






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