Want to Build a Wind Turbine?

Want to learn how to build a wind turbine? Here are a few tips


Hugh Piggott has a good website with detailed explanations. He runs workshops all over the world, the next one in the UK will be in October at the Centre for Alternative Technologies.

He writes most factsheets for The British Wind Energy Association, which has general information about wind energy in the UK.

Small domestic wind turbines are expensive for the amount of electricity they produce and building one yourself is a way to reduce the cost. But you won’t be able to produce enough electricity with a wind turbine alone, unless you build a very big one. You can make your own blades, in wood, or buy some ready made. If you make them yourself, get enough information and make sure they are safe. Otherpower.com is another reliable website on alternative energy where you’ll find information.

Next, you’ll need a generator. Car alternators can be used, they’re cheap and easy to find but aren’t very efficient. The best option is to build a permanent magnet alternator and for this the best person to ask is Hugh Piggott. You can download a free manual from his website.

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