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Jesse Ventura Off The Grid ORA TV talk showJesse Ventura is launching a daily talkshow on Internet-video.The libertarian rant, to debut next month, will focus, Ventura told Variety, on the hypocrisy of America’s political leaders.

The novelty-politician and former wrestler is a part-time off-grid dweller himself, and an accomplished rabble-rouser. We always enjoy featuring him on the web site and look forward to hearing him sounding off on a range of current events in a show to be titled “Off The Grid.”

Ventura has a difficult time getting his trenchant point of view across in the media (don’t we all). “What we have with Ora.TV is a means to express myself uninhibited. I can say what I feel without censorship.”

Ora TV’s major investor is América Móvil, the Latin American wireless service provider majority owned by Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim. Ventura hooked up with the New York-based webcaster after he appeared on Larry King’s “Politicking” talkshow, which also is produced by Ora TV.

“Larry and I got discussing, and he said, ‘They’ll give you the freedom to do what you want,’” Ventura said.

In a dollop of marketing hype, Ventura said “Off the Grid” will be produced at “undisclosed locations” outside the United States, purportedly to avoid the threat of government censorship. “This will be like Radio Free Europe, broadcasting propaganda over the Iron Curtain,” he said. “This will be Internet Free America.”

“Off the Grid” is tentatively scheduled to go live Jan. 20, 2014. The show will tape two or three days per week and run four to five episodes weekly on Ora.TV, with additional segments during the elections. Allison Glader and Jason Rovou are executive producers.

Ventura, 62, said the Internet broadcasting format will free him from the interference he’s encountered in the TV biz. In 2003, after leaving the Minnesota governor’s office, he signed a three-year contract with MSNBC — but, he claimed, “unfortunately they didn’t let anyone on the air who disagreed with the Iraq war. I got paid for three years and I did nothing.”

He likened the approach of “Off the Grid” to the show he had on Turner’s TruTV, “Conspiracy Theory,” which ran from 2009 to 2012. ”We’ll go to places and talk about things you won’t hear in the mainstream media,” Ventura said.

Ventura’s show will be free to watch. See more at

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  1. Jesse, I hope you can get software to help you speed read and thread thru the emails. Don’t get bogged down while you do your thing. Good luck my friend. GD

  2. Hello Jesse, I was hoping you could point me in the right direction? what is the process for recalling a state rep. I live in Az, and I have family in Ca. I feel that the State reps regardless of party do not serve the public the represent. and if we started to show here in AZ that we will not stand for it others will follow suit. But I cannot find the process

  3. Hello . Jesse I feel that you are doing the right thing by telling people to wake up. Along with Alex Jones, and others. I try to do the same thing on my own FB page. Maybe you could help me out by stopping by it and make a comment and the things I have posted on it. In the hopes that I get my friends and family aware of the facts. But it does hurt me that they look at me like I am ranting and raving about everything that goes on in this country. So they for the most part ignore me which sucks. But either way keep doing what you believe what is right to do.

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