December 17, 2013


Jesse Ventura Daily Mouth-off

Jesse Ventura Off The Grid ORA TV talk showJesse Ventura is launching a daily talkshow on Internet-video.The libertarian rant, to debut next month, will focus, Ventura told Variety, on the hypocrisy of America’s political leaders.

The novelty-politician and former wrestler is a part-time off-grid dweller himself, and an accomplished rabble-rouser. We always enjoy featuring him on the web site and look forward to hearing him sounding off on a range of current events in a show to be titled “Off The Grid.”

Ventura has a difficult time getting his trenchant point of view across in the media (don’t we all). “What we have with Ora.TV is a means to express myself uninhibited. I can say what I feel without censorship.”

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The Yearling

offthegridnews survival,preppingIts “The Year of The Yearling,” the seventy-fifth-anniversary celebration of Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings’s 1938 novel about a young boy whose pet deer unwittingly threatens the survival of his family farm.

The Yearling has been described as a magnificent, transparent, slow-moving river. Its style is direct and free of fireworks, its subjects planted at the beginnings of the sentences, solid as potatoes.In 1945 it was made into a motion picture starring Gregory Peck.

The Yearling reflects a world we’re losing, and does so in an orgy of carnage.

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Battery storage company

A US startup aims to lower energy costs by balancing the power grid with batteries charged during cheaper non-peak hours. It just received $15 million in funding from General Electric and the Spanish renewable energy company Iberdrola.

Stem, an energy storage company in San Mateo, CA, is part of a trend that will lead to cheaper, better batteries and load balancing kit that will assist the off-grid movement.The premise of Stem’s business model is the inefficiencies in the current utilities industry.

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