Vanity Fair’s greenwash

Bono and Graydon Carter

We think Vanity Fair editor Graydon Carter and singer Bono are the chewing gum stuck to the shoe of the green movement, but Hollywood’s green elite know better.It seems not a month goes by without some magazine doing the Green issue, and Vanity Fair loved it so much the first time, they’re doing their second green issue this May.

Last Wednesday night’s Natural Resources Defense Council gala gave the usual green suspects including Leonardo DiCaprio, Glenn Close, Bette Midler, Kevin Bacon, and John Mellencamp a chance to praise editor Graydon Carter’s greenness.

Robert Kennedy Jr. said some might doubt whether Carter is serious about the issue, joking, “He does love green stuff – especially money.”

But Kennedy did pay tribute to Carter’s efforts that have recast Vanity Fair as “one of the most important information forums in our country.”

Vanity Fair has recently sought to bring in celebrities to highlight important global issues – in July, Bono will serve as the Guest Editor of the Africa issue.

Bono featured in a video lovingly ‘roasting’ Carter – wearing a wig vaguely resembling Carter’s hairdo. Smoking three cigarettes at once, Bono mumbled, “Story ideas: Christopher Hitchens on why Martin Luther King is overrated!”

Bono explained his collaboration with Carter thus – Hey, I’d meet with Lucifer if I thought it would do any good. Lucifer, according to attendees, received the whole thing with humour.

Carter was on fine form, finishing gracefully with a stab at Bush and a commitment to protect the earth from “polluters and, sadly, our own federal government.”

Meanwhile, amid all the fun and banter, the gala raised $3.1 million for the Natural Resources Defense Council.

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