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Off-Grid Editor Nick Rosen has written an article in today’s London Times about living off the grid, under the radar of the surveillance society as well as outside the clutches of the power and water companies.

Rosen, author of How to Live Off-grid: Journeys Outside the System, published by Doubleday, was also interviewed on Radio 4’s Today program earlier in the week, saying that the UK Civil Service had not managed to enter the information age, and that it was better to avoid having your information snooped on than to complain about it. He made similar statements in his Times article which dealt with

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Off-Grid 101

How to disappear

There is plenty we can do to fight back against the surveillance society.

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Germany tops world solar league

Germany has 200 times the installed solar capacity of Great Britain. Its all because they buy solar electricity at a sensible rate.

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Viscount Linley pumping rumour

Viscount Linley has been pumping his Strida to and from work. If only all the other Royals were as energetic!

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MIT does zero-carbon home

MIT Solar Decathlon entry
Early sketch of MIT’s Solar 7

Members of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Solar Decathlon team head out for Washington, D.C. next week taking with them a house they designed and built from scratch. Dubbed “Solar 7,” it’s a home of the future: self-sufficient, powered purely by the sun, and MIT’s entry in an international competition for the most efficient – and livable – solar house.

The team hits the road Oct. 1, heading to the National Mall for the solar decathlon. There, in the shadow of the Capitol Building, Solar 7 will be judged against 19 other solar homes not only for architectural and engineering excellence, but also comfort, marketability, and energy efficiency.

But before it gets to compete, the team must finish building the house.

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Armand Hammer
Hammer: Lenin loved him

Russia and two former Soviet republics are host to four of the world’s top 10 most polluted places, according to a new report from the Blacksmith Institute, a New York-based nonprofit group.

Three of the four Soviet sites are around chemical factories formerly owned by Armand Hammer, the American billionaire who struck a deal with Lenin allowing him to exploit the Russian economy in return for channeling funds to Russian agents in the West, as well as into the Kremlin itself.

The history of the relationship between Hammer and the Russian State symbolises the corruption and nepotism in Russia

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