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Germany has 200 times more solar power than England.

Why? Because German households and businesses get paid a renewable energy reward for the solar power they generate.

It’s known as the ‘feed-in tariff’ and has helped make Germany a world leader in renewable energy. These are the kinds of solutions we need to tackle climate change. And a Feed-in tarriff would help off-grid communities by building a large home power industry in thye UK and bringing down prices of goods and labour.

Meanwhile Britain is near the bottom of the European renewable energy league table.Now, Friends of the Earth and Greenpeace have come together to launch the Solar Playoff Campaign.

They say that if Britain is serious about promoting renewable energy, it needs a ‘feed-in tariff’ or we’ll be left on the bench watching the climate crisis worsen.

The Energy Bill is going through Parliament now – but it needs to be amended to include a renewable energy reward (New Clause 4).
Call on your MP to sign New Clause 4 to the Energy Bill

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