The poet who wants to live in a shed

Ever wondered if living without money, in a shed or a cave like our
ancestors, would still be possible today?
Marcus Moore wants to do find out and he intends to live a money-free existence in a shed in the British countryside for 2 years.

Marcus Moore doesn’t want to rely on money anymore. This is why he wants his shed as self-sufficient as possible. It will be fitted with (expensive) solar panels and wind turbines for energy. Food will be grown on the land and water will come from the local spring. Everything will be recycled and re-used, or made by hand and mended. Moore wants to use bartering, and suggests for example, cleaning his dentist’s window in exchange for a filling

I do not intend to be a grumpy hermit, nor to stop doing things writes Moore in his manifesto. He plans to travel, but by bicycle or on foot only. And he’ll ask for hospitality wherever he travels too, offering his services in lieu of a fee.

Moore, a poet and writer, is thrilled by the idea of having to invent and create in order to survive. It will be an incredibly educational experience, which he wants to share. The shed will be open and you’ll be able to stay overnight to experience life au natural.

The shed, a pine cabin 19x13x11 feet high, hasn’t been built yet and Marcus Moore will only move in a year’s time. Of course, he’ll have to buy things like paper, soap, candles at first. But he intends to eventually cut his expenses down to zero and donate excess monies to those who clearly think they should be on higher salaries professional footballers, politicians, company directors.

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