The coolest trailers

Bicycle trailers are the solution if you’ve got children or are always carrying stuff around. These days, trailers are safe, sleek and practical. Here are the best ones we’ve come across.

koga myiata’s Chela

Koga miyata are launching the Chela, a multifunctional cycle trailer with removable compartments, each with its own function: sleeping bag carrier, equipment and clothing compartment One of the bags can be taken out and used as a rucksack. The best feature is the built-in solar cell, to charge up mobile phones or GPS systems. The trailer is also equipped with an integrated table and matching folding stool. Unfortunately this little gem will only be out in 2005 (and it’ll probably be very expensive!), so while we’re waiting, here are alternatives

Bykaboose make multipurpose collapsible bicycle trailers for transporting sports or camping equipment. The Gecko is $200

Burleys Nomad is a light and stable trailer to carry your stuff around. It is full of practical features like the centre divider to help organize your items, the side pockets and the water- shedding top. 289 from Fisher

Burley also make the delite, a clever little child trailer. Padded seats and harnesses keep the children comfy and safe, bags at the back can hold up groceries or toys and the adjustable sunscreen will keep the little ones in the shade. The trailer folds up flat and compact for easy storage. 400 from Fisher

The Schwinn Bike Trailer is another child trailer that gets good reviews. It holds two children and turns into a stroller in seconds. $209 from Living in Comfort.com

Phillips Cleveland Hardbase also converts into a stroller. It is a strong trailer that will keep your children safe, and it has most space than most so they won’t feel claustrophobic. It can be used will virtually all bikes. 162.99 from trailers4bikes.com

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