Tap the energy in the wind

Wind-Electric Design and Installation 18th -23th October
Guest Instructor: Mick Sagrillo, Sagrillo Power & Light

Participants in this workshop will learn to design and install commercial wind generator systems. The workshop will cover system sizing, site analysis, safety issues and hardware specification.

Learn about the different commercially available wind turbines and the advantages and disadvantages of each. Get hands-on experience installing a full-size wind system. The workshop also discusses solar/wind hybrid systems.

Topics Include: Aerodynamics. Generators. Alternators. Induction Machines. Tower Design. Site Analysis. Legal Issues
Fee :$600
Registration: Solar Energy International PO Box 715 Carbondale, CO 81623 970-963-8855 Fax: 970-963-8866
sei@solarenergy.org www.solarenergy.org

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