Sunwarm heats the UK

A new heating/cooling system relying on solar energy is all the rage among house builders and developers in the UK.

Sunwarm solar panels and hot
water cylinder

Sunwarm from Nuaire, is a single system that provides home heating/cooling, ventilation and hot water, by harnessing the sun�s energy. At the heart of the system is a ventilation network and a set of solar panels.

in Wiltshire and a school in Wales have already been fitted with the new system, and The Castle Vale area in Birmingham will be next.

Solar panels will be mounted on the roof of each of the properties, where the heat generated from the sun will be captured, and then circulated round the house using a ventilation system. When this heating is not needed in the home, it is diverted automatically to
the hot water system storage tank. During the night, when no energy is produced, the system recycles the warm loft air and distributes it around the house.

�Sunwarm can make use of solar energy 365 days a year and has the potential to save up to 50% of the energy used to heat a home and its hot water� claim its manufacturers.

This is what makes it so attractive to housing associations like Prime Focus Regeneration Group in Birmingham.

�We are always willing to try new technology if it benefits our residents�. Said Peter Quinn, Executive Director of New Business at Prime Focus. �Impressed by the energy saving potential and efficiency of the Sunwarm system, we made a quick decision to trial the
system in the 30 properties on the Castle Vale site.�

Sunwarm qualifies for the Clear Skies and SCHRI government grant programmes, which means that housing associations can get 50 to 100% of the system paid for, and private homeowners can get an allowance of �400.00 or 30% of the price to install the system.


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