Subaru unreliable electrics

When you live off the grid a Subaru Outback might seem like the perfect choice. It’s a low-profile All wheel Drive that has an enviable reputation for reliability.

Unfortunately the Subaru company is hostile and unhelpful when the design flaws in its cars are exposed. And there are many design flaws. Their so-called Customer Service department refused to come on the phone and wrote legalistic replies to my complaints.

I had to suffer when the dashboard lights told me there was a problem causing acute loss of power to the famous Boxer engine. I limped along to a mechanic and was told the Mass Air Meter needed replacing. This tiny part containing a couple of cheap computer chips set me back nearly £400 ($650). And I could only buy it from a Subaru dealer 40 miles away.

They changed it but it quickly developed the same fault. I asked Subaru what to do and they said it was down to the garage. The dealer said the car’s on-board computer was explicit. If the fault reading is such and such then change the mass air meter.

I said I wanted to complain, and the Subaru dealer told me to write to Subaru. I did so , and Subaru sent me back to the garage – to their own dealer who they no longer wished to take responsibility for.

Eventually a different garage found the real fault, a corroded hosepipe in the Subaru Intercooler. They fixed it for £250 ($400). Experts have since told me I can expect expensive problems ahead with the Catalytic converter, the bearings, the oil pump and the alternator.

My advice: Don’t buy a Subaru, but especially never, ever buy a second hand Subaru that is out of warranty.

Does anybody want to buy a Subaru Outback Mass Air Meter – its going cheap?

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