Cook in the sun

Last week we discovered something great: solar cooking. The weather was so nice, we thought we’d try building a solar cooker – and it worked. Our lasagna was perfectly cooked, just on time for diner. Honest. Here are plans and info online
Solar cooker

Solar cookers do not get as hot as normal cookers but cook food just as well. The difference is that they take much longerso you can join the slow cooking movemement at the same time.

The trick is to put your food in, forget about it for a few hours, when you come back it’ll be perfectly cooked. It is a great way to cook while camping, on the beach or just while having a picnic in your garden. It doesn’t have to be hot for it to work, what’s important is enough sunlight.

Look here for lots of solar cooker plans
El Paso Solar Energy Association sell books on solar cooking
The Solar Cooking Archive
A personal site with accounts of solar cooking experience, recipes and photos


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