Rabbits for meat pt 3

This is the 3rd in a series on raising rabbits for meat and fur. Some look at the cute bunnies and can’t imagine eating them, I would suggest looking into where your meat comes from, unfortunately today’s generation tends to be so separated and isolated from the reality where their meat products come from.

Rabbits are good for homesteaders and off-gridders, they are fairly easy to raise, they are quiet (think stealth!), they aren’t going to draw a lot of attention of close by neighbors like chickens or other livestock, don’t require a lot of space, they grow fast and breed readily, their meat is good and they have fur and hide.

I found more YouTube videos on rabbits for meat and fur. This first one is from a well known homesteader LaMar from Simple Solar Homesteading, in this video he speaks about raising rabbits on his homestead, you should check out LaMar’s other videos.

This guy has a lot of good info about raising rabbits

This guy is talking about the breeds he likes, their weights and such

This video shows many MANY breeds, of course we are going to be mostly interested in the meat varieties, but there are many other types.

Here are my other rabbit video articles


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