Portable battery chargers

Battery charging is an important part of off-grid life. Some of the devices I rely on when I’m on the road are ones that basically sit in my backpack doing nothing at all.
We’re talking portable battery chargers — devices that store a charge and recharge a phone, camera or whatever small electronic device you’ve \run down.

Best buy is the ALLSTART AMPG-108 1700 Amp Marina Portable Power Generator With Power Inverter.

Its a 12V DC power source / 115V AC power source; Rechargeable from AC outlet; Manual safety power switch; 1,700 peak amps, 22A hr. battery; 300-watt output AC inverter; DC charging cord; 4′, 4-gauge flexible jumper cables included; Water repellent storage bag also included.
It does everything it claims to do, and holds a charge for quite some time. It is lightweight and compact also.

The Duracell Instant USB Charger, ($45 Cdn) is one of Duracell’s Smart Power lineup — a slick and elegant charger to recharge lithium-ion power on cell-phones, music players, personal digital assistants and other mobile devices that have a USB cord. It comes with a USB-to-micro USB cord and delivers up to 35 hours of extra power, with an on and off switch to manage it. Good for your iPhone, iPod, Blackberry, digital cameras with mini-USB ports and other devices. The lineup also includes a pocket USB charger that will get your cellphone operating again when the battery dies and you’re far from a power outlet. It gives up to 60 per cent more talk time and has a mini-USB charging arm as well as the USB-to-mini-USB of its heftier sibling, the Instant Charger. Clever solutions to that pesky problem of keeping devices powered up when you’re off the grid. 519wxqo139l-_sl160_-9295429
The Duracell Powerhouse Charger offers 2000 mAh of charging power and has a swinging mini-USB arm and a USB port available, so it can charge up to two devices at the same time. The Powerhouse charger retails for less than $70 US.
The third charger is the Duracell Pocket Charger. Retailing for less than $45, it’s the smallest of the three and easily fits into a pocket. Rated at 500 mAh, this little rascal with its swing-out mini-USB arm can charge up a cellphone in no time.


Pros: Being able to recharge devices on the go is wonderful. All three are small, portable and inexpensive.

Cons: You have to remember to charge the chargers! It’d be nice to have an indicator that shows how much charge is left.

Absopulse Electronics’ BCH 1K5T-400 is a portable battery charger that uses high-frequency conversion technology to deliver up to 1500W continuous output power. This charger was designed to charge a 400V lithium-ion battery; other battery configurations are also available. It has an automatic two step charge mode: it runs at full 4A charging current until the pre-set voltage threshold of 380V is reached, then switches to a lower 1A maintenance current.
An analog voltmeter and an ammeter, located on the upper surface of the unit, indicate charge current and battery voltage status. Different thresholds for 4A/1A switchover point and open circuit voltage are available on request. A built-in output separation diode prevents battery discharge back into the charger if the AC is disconnected. The input accepts either 115Vac or 230Vac, factory set. Power factor correction is available on request.
The entire unit weighs approximately 12 kilograms, so it is not very portable.
The BCH 1K5 T is priced in the CN$1,500 range depending on configuration requirements.

WirthCo Engineering, Inc. introduces Battery Doc portable battery chargers/maintainers and accessories to their well-known Battery Doctor 12-Volt and fuse-block product line. Select from four models: Wall Mount I (1 amp), Wall Mount II (2 amp), Sport (1.25 amp) and Rainproof (2 amp). These portable battery chargers have state-of-the-art electronic switching modes that safely charge and maintain lead acid or gel-cell 12V batteries for peak operating conditions.

“These portable battery chargers are perfect for everyone including shop owners, farmers, and outdoor enthusiasts”, said Andrew Wirth of WirthCo Engineering, Inc. “Anyone who travels or enjoys the outdoors can take one of these along in their bag, giving them the comfort of knowing that the battery they rely on is properly charged and maintained.”

All Battery Doc chargers/maintainers also have reverse polarity and short circuit protection. Other features include two charging-current settings, and a three-color LED charge indicator. Battery clips, motorcycle plugs, and lighter adapters fit easily in the Battery Doc “E-Z Use” universal connector-terminal that is standard on each Battery Doc product. And, every Battery Doc product comes with its own carrying case.
The unique Battery Doc Master Charging Station solves the complex challenge of keeping multiple batteries charged at the same time – It holds up to five Wall Mount chargers/maintainers!
For more information about all the Battery Doc products, please visit https://www.batterydoc.com/

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