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A few weeks ago, I grabbed the camera on my way over to a friend’s house, I get to live in and drive through some very pretty country, we have been here a little over 5 years now, one of the first things I thought when we first moved here was that I hope I never get used to the views out here, I’m still awed by them. This is the high desert, in the mountains of far western Texas.

This isn’t for just anyone though, along with these pretty vistas come some pretty harsh country, it’s bone dry most of the time, punctuated with downpours that can tear up our roads and leave us stuck in or out depending on what side of the creek I’m on at the time. Right now we are having a very nice soft rain, the lightening is spectacular and the thunder that goes with it, well it’s one of my favorite sounds, booms rolling from one side of the valley to the other side. Here are a few of the pictures I took of my drive home, it was getting late in the evening and I had barely enough light to capture these images, hope you enjoy them.

I understand this is a “plug” that was the center of a volcano, this rock is harder than the surrounding rock and is often left standing when all the other material around it has crumbled and eroded away.
An example of our unpaved mountain roads, pretty to look at, hard on tires and vehicles…
I love the colors of the sky, especially at sunset.

A more current pic of the sky castle, if you look just under and behind the flag, you can just barely see the beginnings of the 4th floor observation deck that PB is building. You can also see the crossed swords he mounted on the front of the sky castle.
PB used soilcrete to make this wall.

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  1. Love it! THe place is really coming along since the last pictures I had seen.

    Your commitment is admirable. You guys remain an inspiration for a lot of folks interested, in off-grid, remote, sustainable living

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